Contemporary Wallpaper Ideas for Living Room Feature Walls

Wallpaper dates back to the early 1800’s. Although some may say it reminds them of their early childhood homes and has become out of style, we’re totally vouching otherwise. Wallpaper is making its comeback in contemporary homes and feature walls have become the apple of every designer’s eye.


Plum Vintage Blossoms R3031


Feature walls express a new dialogue to communicate a completely unique atmosphere right at heart of your home. Adding feature wallpaper to your living room is an easy and effortless way to achieve great style in your gathering space.

Since, living rooms are generally the most spacious part of the home; it is the prime place to experiment with a refreshing feature wall; whether you live in a large home or a tiny apartment. Don’t limit yourself and your walls. There are so many design possibilities for an exquisite feature wall to amplify your living room into a space you can be proud to call home.


4 Things to Consider when Creating a Feature Wall for your Livingroom...

1. Wallpaper Scale


Plum Weathered Damask R3012


Pattern scale plays a significant role in the choice of wallpaper you choose in your living room. Feature walls opt for the opportunity to be bold and dramatic to add just the right amount of personality into your space.


Byzantium Sanctity R3226


This gorgeous abode features a large scale byzantium damask in a luxurious and elegant deep purple. The large scale damask feature wall really makes the room pop right out of its quarters and speaks volumes in rich personality.


Ivory Fleur R3228


Here you can see the difference between a large scale and a small scale damask. The smaller scale draws interest outward as the larger scale is more defined and dramatic.


Another way to integrate wallpaper into smaller living rooms is by breaking up the walls with crown moulding and baseboards. You can even locate your large scale floral into a smaller framed niche in your wall. It doesn’t need to be a full wall, large details can be rich and subtle too.


2. Wallpaper Colour


Rainbow Zipped R2500


Don’t be afraid to colour your world! Colours speak their own unique language that conveys specific atmospheres in relativity to mood and function. When I say colour, I’m talking about all the colours on the scale in any variations of hues and saturation values. Depending on your choice, you can achieve rewardingly beautiful spatial effects. Coloured feature walls generally pair well with a similar toned wall colour for the rest of the room.



This feature wall showcases a fresh aqua tone with a light coral pattern creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Muted pastels are great if you just like to sit back, and relax to with a book or magazine.



Vivid colours are energizing and uplifting if you love to gather as a family and watch your favourite after dinner movies. This dynamic chevron stripe wallpaper in coral (R2555) is an excellent choice for a fun-loving environment.


Beige Evolve R2539


If you’re a little iffy on a wild splash of colour, you can always incorporate a feature wall using a pattern in a subtle and softened neutral pairing. This elegantly modern print in cream adds the same amount of personality as it sits attractively behind a sleek white storage table.


3. Pattern

Grey Tinted R3309


There is an infinite amount of new and contemporary patterns to choose from to blast you out of the past. When deciding on a feature wall you can choose from themes of formal damasks, wispy florals, rigid geometries and the list goes on. Choose a pattern that best reflects your style and individuality to make your living rooms your own.


Yellow Blossoming Almond Trees R2791


Dive into the dynamic world of shapes and organic forms. This feature wall of an intricate geometric pattern features a snippet from Van Gogh’s painting titled “Almond Blossoms” that adds both pop colour and a revamped version of a traditional floral pattern to this living room.


This luxurious octagonal tile in turquoise uses pattern in sophistication. Tiled wallpaper is another crafty way to fuse pattern into your home as a feature wall. Tiled wallpaper creates a chic ornamented effect and looks great in smaller sectional applications.


4. Texture

Unique play of tone-on-tone pattern using Charismatic 3D florals in cool grey (R2908)


A new way to add visual texture to your walls is by... (You guessed it) using wallpaper! At the moment, faux wallpaper is one the most popular contemporary wall trends and really makes a space pop using the look of natural finishes. Some wallpapers even have a realistic tactile finish as an added bonus!


No more splinters! Tan Vintage Wood R2592



Faux brick adds dimension and definition to a space and is one of our absolute favourite wallpapers for designing feature walls. Marsala Running Brick (R2587) is a combination of gorgeous tints of red brick laid together in a new approach to feature wallpaper.



Patterns themselves can create the look and feel of textured walls. We love how this static print wallpaper creates a funky texturized atmosphere effect as a feature wall in this living space.


Rustic Contemporary Vintage Beige Bookshelf Wallpaper R3693


An English designer named Terence Conan believed that “The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease - temple of the soul.”

A feature wall can really transform a bleak and boring living room into one that translates to its true meaning; a place that reflects life and soul. Now you can make the jump into the future of design and personalize your living room according to your own interests using wallpaper colours, patterns, scales and textures.


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