Contemporary Designer Wallpaper for Fashioning Cutting Edge Interiors

Wallpaper is back in style with contemporary patterns that have been created by a range of interior fashion designers such as Edward Van Vliet, Mart Visser, and Annet Van Egmond. These wallpaper collections will add an artistic sensibility to your interiors and portray the latest design trends and innovations in wallpaper.








Edward Van Vliet is a contemporary Dutch designer whose love of pattern and product design has led him to create a company for product, textile, and interior design, as well as brand and concept development. Inspired by a rich blend of cultural and mathematical influences, Van Vliet's wallpaper collection, available to buy online at Walls Republic, fuses together simple layered patterns and powerful contemporary colours.


Green Billows Designer Wallpaper Toronto R2230


"Good design seems simple at first sight, but the power is in the layering. This [wallpaper's] strength is in its simplicity; its attraction in its layering..It's all about going one step further; to make a powerful design with simple lines. Light, layers, colours, patterns and cultures are important design keys." - Van Vliet


Tan Netted Trellis Designer Wallpaper R2218


Van Vliet's layered wallpaper patterns such as Billows or Netted tap into the current trellis pattern trend that is seen all over interior design. With contemporary design elements such as layering and non-traditional trellis forms, these wallpapers are an on trend wallpaper option for your home. This pattern is great in a hallway for creating subtly elegant movement and depth.


Orange Hexagonal Optical Illusion Designer Wallpaper R2256


Geometric prints are also another increasingly popular 2014 design trend. These layered patterns bring an illusionistic look with striking graphics and crisp line work. Geometry is mixed with organic curvilinear forms for a sharp contemporary aesthetic. Van Vliet's play on layering is highly evident and adds depth and dimension to your interiors for a mesmerizing look with bold pops of colour.


Gold Cluster Contemporary Design Wallpaper R2222







Mart Visser is a Dutch fashion designer who has been around the industry for the past 20 years, and designed a pret-a-porter woman's fashion line and a company clothing line. He describes his signature style as "craft and quality, manufactured in exclusive materials." His wallpaper patterns, rhythms, and movements emerged naturally in his studio in the South of France where he paints.


Navy Blue Amoeba Designer Wallpaper R2377


This Amoeba wallpaper brings together unique ovular forms with a highly textural raised surface. Its all over patterning will make a fashion forward statement in a hallway or living room.


Black Nested Squares Modern Wallpaper R2362


Nested Squares combines modern clean lines with a playful contemporary twist and line work that has a handcrafted sensibility. This modern wallpaper is simple and fresh with metallic detail and a repetitive checker pattern carried out in a contemporary style.


Azure Strait Contemporary Striped Wallpaper R2368


New organic linear patterns make stripes less rigid and more vibrant and intriguing. They are playful and fashionable with a subtle metallic sheen.






Wallpapers by Annet Van Egmond blend together contemporary and traditional elements seamlessly. Van Egmond was trained as a sculptor at Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and has been working as an independent product designer ever since. She founded a lighting design studio in 1989 called Brand Van Egmond where she explores the creation of art without restraints. Her creativity has also led her to jewelry design and many of the wallpaper designs found at Walls Republic.


Aroma Navy Blue Contemporary Designer Wallpaper R1778


This wallpaper designed by Van Egmond combines digital sensibilities on top of a natural, organic pattern to create a striking contrast and unique rhythm. For a contemporary take on a floral pattern this wallpaper is the perfect touch that adds an elegant yet casual aura.


Flow Metallic Contemporary Designer Wallpaper R1517


These designer wallpapers bring the latest on trend styles with forward thinking twists that truly make them unique. Faux wood is a rising trend and Flow brings the texture of wood in unique colours with a satin look for a pattern that is on trend yet completely unconventional. This faux wood is given an elegance with more sophisticated colours and textures to enhance the typically casual look of faux wood.


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