Contemporary Damask Wallpapers to Help You Unwind

Damask wallpapers can be a great familiar and comforting wallpaper pattern that can help you unwind and relax at the end of a long day. There are so many cutting edge contemporary styles available to evoke both a sense of tradition and trend. Damask patterns are updated with fresh metallic sheens, contemporary colours, and refined forms.

Serenity Mahogany Faux Wood Damask Wallpaper R1368


Serenity is a cutting edge damask pattern fusing together the latest trends in interior design and wallpaper. Faux finish patterns are a popular design trend for mimicking the real look of wood paneling. The damask pattern overlaid onto the wood finish brings a sense of glamour to the casual pattern and makes it ideal transitional wallpaper that helps blend together both traditional and modern furnishings.


Powder Blue Ornamental Damask Wallpaper R2057


Powder blue ornamental is soft and serene with its light pastel blue colour and organic curving damask forms. It can add to an elegant and calming bedroom when paired with a simple colour scheme and other simple furnishings and details.


Adeline Beige Floral Damask Wallpaper R1873


Adeline Beige is another great contemporary wallpaper that can create a relaxing home atmosphere and is a unique floral damask pattern. The tone on tone pattern in a neutral colour scheme plays down the large scale pattern making a unique feature that does not overwhelm the space with too much pattern or colour. It is great in a living room and can be paired with many other patterns, textures, and colours to create your ideal ambiance. For something calming try playing with an analogous or monochromatic tonal scheme and various textures to achieve depth with a simple palette.


Emerge Dim Contemporary Damask Wallpaper R1179


A tone on tone look is an easy way to achieve a relaxed look with wallpaper. This Emerge pattern is a very contemporary medallion like damask wallpaper. With a rich metallic sheen and detailed organic forms, this wallpaper offers a good balance of bold visual interest and a rich calming scheme.


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