Bring Nature Straight to Your Home with These Remarkable Wallpaper Murals

Faux finishes and nature inspired prints are a popular current trend in wallpaper that is seen all over. To take this trend up a notch, nature inspired murals add extra dynamism that is not illustrated in your typical faux wallpaper. Their high quality details and larger than life scale make them truly stand as a prominent feature in your interiors.


Peeling Bark Wall Mural M8948


Peeling bark can help add a retro feel to your interior with its large scale peeled tree bark texture. It brings an element of nature to your interiors in an abstracted manor with its over scaled pattern and subtle details.


Stump Rings Mural M8918

This wall mural makes a big statement with its large scale tree ring pattern and impeccable texture. It is an unconventional way to create a faux wood wall aesthetic.


Fall Leaves Wall Mural M8951

Leaves is a maple leaf greyscale wall mural.


White Bloom Floral Wall Mural M8955


White Bloom is an enlarged white dahlia flower wall mural and is great for a toned down mural look. Its unsaturated greyscale scheme makes it a soft and calming feature with a bold impact.


Crystalize Wall Mural M8941


If you are looking for something daring and highly attention grabbing, some of nature's bolder patterns and colours are a suitable option. This crystal pattern in a rich Byzantium makes a luxurious statement on the wall and really draws your eyes beyond the barrier of the wall.


Sea Anemone Coral Wall Mural M8954


Sea Anemone offers a bright vivid colour for a playful, imaginative space and can enliven any space. Nature inspired murals are a great way to add an animated organic feeling to your interiors.


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