Black and White Striped Wallpapers for an Elegant Contrast in Your Home

Black and white wallpapers are a great way to add elegant contrast in any space. In a striped pattern they have a refined and modern look with black and white tones that are always a staple.

Black Strait Black and White Striped Wallpaper R2367


Strait is a simple striped wallpaper that looks like lines of dripping paint. The organic lines give this wallpaper a casual yet sophisticated vibe with its subtle metallic luster. In black and white the effect is contemporary and elegant great for creating a sense of drama. It can be a great addition in a vintage inspired space for an updated touch.


Luxury Black and White Striped Wallpaper R1771


Luxury is a beaded pearl striped pattern with a subtle metallic shimmer. It is elegant wallpaper that has a highly textural appearance with its small scale striped pattern. Use it in your dining room for a space that exudes luxury.



Extend Grey Striped Wallpaper R1249


Extend is a classic striped wallpaper with a pattern of large, medium, and small scale stripes. It is a casual stripe that can be a great backdrop in a number of spaces for a simplistic and modern aura.


Allure Black Striped Wallpaper R1787


Allure is a contemporary striped wallpaper with a dotted and swirling linear pattern. The organic details and shimmering metallic backdrop make it an elegant addition that creates an alluring charm in your dining room.


Black Stained Striped Faux Wood Wall Mural M8981


For a very contemporary on trend striped look, a faux wood pattern in black and white makes a big statement. Stained is a dark stained wood plank digital mural. This tone on tone look will be great for creating an unconventional wooden aesthetic in your bedroom or home office.


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