Black and White Geometric Wallpapers

Black and white geometric wallpapers are a popular 2014 wallpaper trend that adds a sense of drama and bold visual impact to your home. Walls Republic has a wide selection of geometric wallpapers in black and white available to buy online. Check out a few of our favourite options from our latest wallpaper collections:



Honeycomb Mandala Black and White Geometric Wallpaper R1891 as featured in this House and Home interior transformation.



Charcoal Rings Modern Geometric Wallpaper R2310 containing a series of overlapping large nested circles with fine lines and metallic detail.



Nested Squares Geometric Pattern Wallpaper R2362 with a loose square pattern and painted quality.



Malaga Black & White Wallpaper Mural M8842 faux finish tiles in a bold graphic pattern.



Black Cubed Metallic Geometric Optical Illusion Wallpaper R2240 with fine metallic line work and an exciting level of dimension.



Stylish Grey Black and White Modern Geometric Wallpaper R1350 with a striped chain pattern to create a high fashion vibe.



Tia Black Geometric Wallpaper R1859 with a decorative geometric pattern and metallic embellishments.


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