Beautiful Pastel Wallpapers for the Spring Season

In our last article, we talked about some of our top spring wallpaper trends. One of them was pastel colored wallpaper so let’s explore this category a bit more! What we love best about pastel wallpaper is how it adds a soft vibrancy to the room. The colors are more muted, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty. Pastel colored wallpaper adds a subtle touch to the space. Let’s take a look at our five favourite pastel wallpapers for spring!


The Blue Peach Tree R2796


Adding a touch of nature to your home has never been easier. Nature-themed wallpaper is among the most popular wallpaper categories because the patterns feature interesting aesthetics that are truly transformative. Also, spring is all about the return of nature – flowers are blooming and trees are coming back from a long winter.

For our first wallpaper pick, the soft periwinkle blues mixes together with the cloudy white branches of the trees. The painted style offers an abstract visual that’s elegant as well. The softer blue color offers a sense of relaxation, making this wallpaper perfect for a bedroom. While the pattern can be used as a feature wall, it can also be used throughout the entire room.



Now for those who do want to create a feature wall in their home, this wallpaper mural is an excellent choice. With any mural, you’ll want to hang it in a space with a larger wall, such as a living room or bedroom. This mural features various different designs, from a butterfly to geometric patterns. It showcases different pastel colors, yellow and green, that work together to create a visually dynamic wallpaper.

The collage aspect of the design also adds an artistic element to the room. It’s an eclectic mix of images, but focuses on nature and wildlife. The picture frames is a creative look that contrasts with the other “floating” images. Overall, this mural is an interesting and playful pastel wallpaper for the spring season.



Moving on to pink and purple pastel colors, this floral wallpaper is much different from the previous examples. This one is more traditional, taking a classic approach to the floral wallpaper category. The large flower blossoms are highly detailed, containing a shading effect that gives it an artistic, “hand drawn” look. With the simplistic background, the actual floral design stands out even more.

Given its sophisticated look, this purple pastel wallpaper would be great for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. For those who want to mix things up, use this wallpaper as a feature wall, and pair it with similar shades of purple to create a powerful visual style.



Moving on to one of the most popular design, this Vincent Van Gogh-inspired wallpaper comes in many different colors, ranging from a sophisticated gold to a bold red. For our spring pick, nothing beats this vibrant, pastel yellow color. It injects any room with energy thanks to its optimistic, upbeat feel. Remember our previous article about color having an effect on our mood? This cheery floral design would be a great choice for communal areas, such as the kitchen or dining room.

Yellow isn’t the only pastel color on this wallpaper. The floral blossoms themselves feature green and pink. The subtle colors on the flower and branch provide a nice contrast to the bolder yellow. It stands out, while also calling attention to the vibrant background. After a dreary winter season, adding a burst of color to your home is never a bad idea!



Pastel Pink Tinted Wood R2586


If you’re looking for a faux finish design, this wood wallpaper features pastel pink, giving it a color scheme that is different than traditional wood patterns. You can think of it as a contemporary take, perfect for the modern home. The different sized wooden slabs and the color placement offers up a vintage, handcrafted look. The textured, realistic appearance of the wood is a stylish addition to the space, whether it’s for a powder room or hallway.

Similar to many of the other examples shown above, this wood wallpaper has a lighter color scheme that makes a fresh option for the new spring season. Its subtle design makes it highly versatile and easy to use.



Last but definitely not least, for a fun pattern that is totally out of the box, this wallpaper features piles of pastel colored books. Perfect for bookworms, this super creative design fits any playroom or children’s bedroom. The different colors mesh together to create a visual treat, whether it’s used as a feature wall or throughout the entire room.


Similar to watercolor artworks, the wallpaper has a “painted” effect, which gives it an interesting aesthetic. It creates an original look that’s engaging and dynamic – truly a visual feast for the eyes! While the pattern design is bold and definitely “out there,” the color scheme features different pastel colors, and isn’t too overwhelming. It’s still suitable for spaces that’s supposed to be relaxing, such as a bedroom.


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