Astoundingly Transformative Contemporary Digital Murals to Redefine Your Perception of Space

New contemporary digital murals are a quick and easy way to add a big statement to any space and are back in style for adding an unusual touch to your interiors. Digital murals offer high quality digitally produced images and photographs for your wall that can be sized and fit to the dimensions of the wall you wish to wallpaper.

Walls Republic's newest Quattro collection of wallpaper murals works on a repetitive panel system allowing you to size your mural perfectly to the size of your wall. The collection is a diverse blend of both nature and architectural inspired images with vivid large-scale patterns that will bring an astonishing metamorphosis in any interior.


Jade Peacock Wallpaper Mural M8940


This Jade Peacock mural adds the realistic look of feathers with its superb texture. The larger than life prints offered in this collection are what make these murals really stand out. Let your murals be the feature and keep the rest of your design simple and refined. Small additions of pattern and colour can still work with a bold mural, just be sure the patterns are smaller, simpler, and do not distract from your feature.


Coral Fins Wallpaper Mural M8929


With the idea of nature and the environment at the forefront of peoples' minds, nature inspired murals and wallpapers are a big trend. This Coral Fins mural is a great way to integrate a hint of nature into your spaces and add a brilliant colour range.


Underwater Organic Wallpaper Mural M8960


The depth and layering offered in the Underwater mural draws your eye far beyond the natural wall barrier creating a mesmerizing pull. The depth offered in these photographic wall murals alter your perception of space, which can help bring the illusion of a larger and more open space.


Facade Architectural Wallpaper Mural M8953


A mural is also a great choice in an office space that is dull and lacks strong architectural features. It brings a dramatic feature wall that adds excitement and inspiration to the workplace for a more productive environment. In a reception area it can be welcoming and add excitement to a mundane space. Architecturally inspired murals come in a range of styles from realistic concrete replications to depictions of columns and structural elements.


Ochre Peeled Wood Wallpaper Mural M8924   


Ochre Peeled taps into the widely popular and current faux finish wallpaper trend. Its large scale, high realism, and colour take it a step further than the typical faux finish wallpaper, giving you a more individualized, one of a kind faux finish look that will stand apart from the rest.


Orange Alloy Metal Wallpaper Mural M8928  


Faux finishes extend far beyond that of the typical wood finish. Faux finishes also include metal textures, brick, stone, marble, etc. Orange Alloy presents a strong sense of ambiance, intrigue, and surprise with its rich colours, visual texture, and cavernous feel.


Wish Dandelion Wallpaper Mural M8946


Wish can help you create a big impact that is more muted and calm than many of the other Quattro mural options. With the simple light colour and refined image, this mural still provides you with a sense of depth and intrigue without the loudness.

Murals offer a unique reality for your walls and add a personalized contemporary touch to any space that is easy to install.


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