Around The World in 5 Wallpaper Murals

One of the biggest advantages of using a wallpaper mural is that the image is printed with crisp details, truly bringing the scene to life. Also known as a "digital mural," the category we'll be taking a closer look at today is cityscapes as these particular images showcase gorgeous scenery full of rich details and vibrant colors. It's a collection that celebrates beauty and culture represented through architecture around the world. From Venice to New York City, let's take a quick trip around the world as we count down our top 5 cityscape wallpaper murals!


Why Use Cityscape Digital Murals?

Cityscape murals allows you to add an international flavor to the space, giving it a unique look that's not only engaging but transformative. Digital murals in themselves are much more detailed than traditional wallpaper since the imagery doesn't generally rely on repetition but showcases a single image. Cityscape murals are the perfect choice for those who want to make a big statement, whether it's in your home or in a commercial space. While we've chosen 5 specific murals, also keep in mind that these digital prints can be customized to meet your specifications.

It's not just about the stylish looks – cityscape murals are actually quite versatile and functional. Many of the digital images help add a sense of depth to the walls, especially given its 3D aesthetics. This is especially useful in smaller rooms. By using certain imagery on the walls, you can make the space feel larger.


#5 Cityscape Wallpaper Mural: Bright and Bold!


Yokohama M9149A 

Starting off in Japan, the first cityscape wallpaper mural on our list is loud and demands attention. Featuring a narrow street in Yokohoma, the vibrant color scheme immediately brightens up the space, whether it's a bedroom or a restaurant. Thanks to our digital mural printing process, colors really pop off the walls. From the vibrant reds to the calm blues, the mix of colors is energizing and interesting. Every time you look at this wallpaper mural, we're sure you'll spot something new! Since the image features a direct look down a busy shopping street, it adds a sense of horizontal depth to the room.


#4 Cityscape Wallpaper Mural: A Famous Skyline


Toronto at Night M9084A

We're taking a long flight across the ocean for our next stop, Canada! Featuring Toronto's skyline, the city's iconic CN Tower (literally) towers above all of the other buildings. The composition of the image is truly stunning, displaying an excellent use of space and framing. In the room shot above, the cityscape wallpaper mural has been used as a feature wall in a bedroom. One interior design tip we have is to use a feature wall to create a sense of interest within the room. For the bedroom, one easy way to do that is to use the wallpaper mural in place of a headboard behind the bed.


#3 Cityscape Wallpaper Mural: Something More Traditional


Venice Rooftops M9093A

A cityscape wallpaper mural isn't just about showcasing the urban or contemporary side of city life. In our #3 digital mural pick, we're looking at something more classic or traditional. Featuring a dense layout of buildings, Venice Rooftops is an unexpected look at Italy's famous city. Most people imagine the city's canals when they think of Venice (and we've that a wallpaper mural of that too), but this particular image really speaks to us. The color palette is minimalist, with the burnt orange-red tones providing a nice contrast to the white and beige. Like other cityscape wallpaper murals, it packs in a lot of small details that makes it feel as if you're really there.


#2 Cityscape Wallpaper Mural: A Night Out


Sydney Opera House at Night

From crazy color schemes to more muted ones, our #2 wallpaper mural pick removes color from the equation entirely. Shown above in black and white, the Sydney Opera House in Australia stands out from the skyscrapers in the background with its unique architecture. The curving sections of the building is a nice visual contrast from the blockier buildings in the back, and we like how the inclusion of water at the bottom helps to frame the Sydney Opera House. If you want an easy-to-use color scheme for your interiors, you really can't go wrong with black and white!


#1 Cityscape Wallpaper Mural: Another Perspective


Last but not least, our #1 cityscape digital mural pick sees us heading back into the concrete jungle. However, this time we're taking a new look at the city. It's rare that we get a perspective where we tower over the buildings in New York City, but this wallpaper mural provides us with the opportunity to do just that. This bird's eye view centers on an intersection that provides an almost geometric-like design to the composition. The Big Apple's renowned yellow taxis provide a pop of color to the wallpaper mural, grabbing our attention immediately. Although gray tones and other neutral shades are the predominant color of the digital mural, there's so much detail and quiet retrospection in this urban wallpaper mural that it's our #1 pick.


Cityscape Digital Murals Are Dramatic and Transformative

After highlighting some of our favorite cityscape digital murals, we hope you're inspired to create your own using Walls Republic's custom digital mural option. It allows you to create a custom wallpaper mural with your chosen image! If your city or landmark of choice isn't featured or available in our own extensive collection, you can use your own picture to create a one-of-a-kind digital mural for your space.


"Book" your next 2019 staycation with our cityscape wallpaper murals!

We want to hear more from you so let us know in the comments below which city (place, landmark, or anything else) or country you'd want to have as a digital wallpaper mural and where you'd use it!


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