Architecturally Inspired Wall Murals

New digital wall murals take on various styles and themes as a result of new technological developments and advances. Architectural wall murals allow you to add a strong focal point and lots of depth into your interiors. One murals give you an eclectic range of architectural imagery from simple photography to grand interior details.

Build 2 Digital Wall Mural M9005


Build 2 is a photographic wall mural depicting modernist architecture with strong lines and symmetry. It will add a modern creative aesthetic to any space in your home.


Symmetry Digital Wall Mural M9032


Symmetry is a black and white photographic wall mural that evokes a sense of history and travel. The simplicity of the photo and strong depth within will make it a beautiful feature in your interiors.


Entryway Digital Wall Mural M9048


Digital wallpaper murals also feature many interior details such as this grand entryway. It can be used to create a sense of grandeur and an illusion of depth and openness in any interior where architectural details are lacking.


Grand Stairs Digital Wall Mural M9011


These grand stairs give off a rich, regal, and traditional look. This trompe l'oiel wall mural achieves a great sense of depth by moving your eye far beyond the real wall.


Pendant Lights Digital Wall Mural M9012


These subtly illuminated pendant lights are luxurious with their crystal loo. It brings a sense of drama that is a notable feature for a bedroom. Architecturally inspired wall murals offer many different styles and themes and can be that dramatic look to help your interiors stand out.


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