Amazing Nature-themed Wallpapers For Your Living Room

Invite the outdoors into your home! From birds to trees, vines and leaves, wallpaper scenery adds a lot of character and individuality to any space, changing the atmosphere completely. Nature wallpapers often stand out from other styles because of its playful design and diverse patterns. In some cases, it mixes together traditional wallpaper styles to create a brand new aesthetic! Here are our top picks for the best nature-themed wallpapers for your living room.



Wildlife wallpaper


Painted Contemporary Gold and Cream Hummingbird Wallpaper R4556


This whimsical wildlife wallpaper features hummingbirds flying through intricately detailed blossoms that delicately float throughout the pattern. Perfect for a feature wall in a living room, this pattern creates an ethereal, calming atmosphere. The silver and gold colours also add a modern touch that makes it versatile when pairing it up with your living room furniture and décor.

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Faux finish wallpaper


Grey Rock R2321


For a more abstract look, this faux finish wallpaper mimics a rock surface in stunning detail. With stunning colours that twist and weave throughout the pattern, this high-resolution nature wallpaper is a definite conversation starter. To create an iconic look that highlights a certain part of your living room, pair Grey Rock with plain wallpaper in earth tones. This makes the nature wallpaper in your space stand out even more.

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Landscape wallpaper


Green Garden R2813


Based on a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, now is your chance to have your very own indoor garden – without any of the added maintenance! This landscape wallpaper features brilliant colours that work to brighten up the living room in both aesthetics and mood. Similar to Van Gogh’s style, Green Garden has painterly brushstrokes that add a sense of texture to the wallpaper.

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Flower wallpaper



Mixing floral, striped, and faux finish wallpaper categories, Through Nature is a flower wallpaper that combines all of these diverse styles. Featuring floral designs on a faux wooden background, the vertical stripes provide a visual contrast that creates a three-dimensional effect. For that classy, elegant look, this beautiful nature wallpaper does the trick!

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Ocean wallpaper



Looking for an ocean wallpaper but can’t find a suitable pattern? For those who want a more photorealistic wallpaper, why not consider a nature mural? Perfect for accenting a wall in your living room, this Rio De Janeiro Beach mural let’s you walk along the coast from the comfort of your own home. Nothing makes an impact like a high-quality mural and it’s sure to draw your attention whenever you enter the room.

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Tropical wallpaper


Tropical Natural Green And White Leaves Wallpaper R4191


Last but definitely not least, take a walk through the forest with this tropical wallpaper. Adding a burst of colour to your living room has never been so easy. The different green tones pop off the wall against the white backing, making the space seem livelier. To energize the living space even more, pair this jungle wallpaper with yellow décor and furniture items to create a dazzling visual contrast.


And that’s our top picks for nature wallpapers!

Whether you’re looking for floral wallpaper, tropical wallpaper, or general scenery wallpaper, nature-themed wallcoverings take your living room design to the next level.

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