Add a Powerful Energy to Your Space with Striped Wallpaper

Striped patterns are a timeless pattern that have never gone out of style and has seen many inventive uses and adaptions over the years. Striped wallpapers will always be in style looking classic and polished in your interiors for a clean, crisp look. The styles they are available in are endless from traditional to contemporary options and everything in between; there is certainly a striped wallpaper to compliment you and your space!





Cool Grey Limitless Striped Wallpaper R2531


Stripes come in so many different styles from traditional, modern, to contemporary stripes have been around for a long time and have been redefined with many variations and new styles. They are a polished and refined pattern that can look effortlessly glam in your home. The stripe is such a common pattern that you can see all around you looking to fashion, flooring, fabrics, and wallpaper and are just about everywhere. It is a neutral pattern that can have a bold graphic effect while also being simplistic and easy-going.


Gainsboro Embroid Striped Damask Wallpaper R2464


Stripes are so versatile and can pair well with any other patterns and textures such as floral and damask patterns. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns, mixing an odd number of patterns together can create a visually rich space. Three different patterns with varied scales can have a bold impact in this type of scheme. Stripes patterns can also be very contemporary combining two types of patterns into one such type of pattern suitable in both contemporary and vintage spaces.




Homey Green Stripe Wallpaper R1030


Striped wallpaper is not only versatile in style but it can also be used to create illusions that will deceive your perception of space. Traditionally stripes were a vertically hung print with even stripes across the wall. Vertically hung stripes can help create the illusion of height making ceilings appear taller to open up and make a space seem more airy.


Homey Metallic Striped Home Wallpaper R1034


Horizontal stripes are more of a modern and contemporary style that is edgy and fresh. They are more playful especially when implemented in bold colours with different widths and sheens. Unlike the vertical stripe, horizontal stripes elongate spaces making them seem wider. Stripes can also be great for directing and creating a sense of movement in hallways or transitional spaces for a rhythmic flow.





Azure Tye Dye Striped Home Wallpaper R2398


Stripes come in many different styles so in order to successfully choose the perfect stripe it's important to define your space, its needs, and your own taste. Using strong colours in smaller areas is a great way to add a feature wall and can be used to tie into an existing colour scheme adding a refined complexity and richness to a space's overall scheme. Mixing wide and skinny stripes together also makes for a very contemporary and cutting edge design in your spaces. In this Tye Dye textural striped pattern, both horizontal and vertical stripes are created to give off a fashion forward character.


Black Strait Organic Striped Wallpaper R2367


Alternating flat and glossy stripes add perceived depth and dimension without being overly bold and can be an elegant classic look. Tone on tone stripes can also bring a sense of elegance and make a classy statement. This contemporary stripe pattern from our latest designer collection adds playfulness with its organic stripe in a medium scale. It offers a striking bold contrast in black and white and is luxurious and sophisticated.


Folds Cool Grey Pinstripe Wallpaper R1401


If the contrast of a black and white stripe or wide stripe is too bold for you there are many muted options as well that give you a striped look. Pinstripes and classic tone on tone stripes become more of a textural pattern offering you the style and look of a stripe in a much smaller and neutral scale.


Stairway to Heaven Flocked Striped Wallpaper R1907


As American decorator Dorothy Draper once stated, "The wider the stripe...the smarter the effect".


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