8 Spectacular Modern Geometric Wallpapers

Modern geometric wallpaper is one of the most popular design trends going around. There are so many retro and radical colours and styles to choose from including intricate linear patterns, polygons, blocks, and more.


Structure Blue wallpaper with sleek and thin geometric linework


If you’re looking for the perfect geometric wallpaper fit for your interiors, you’re in luck. We’ve got an expansive list of urban and chic geometric wallpapers that will get your eyes moving and completely blow your creative socks off! Here’s our top 8.



Byzantium Hexagonal in deep violet, indigo, yellow, and white.


Hexagonal geometric wallpaper is perfect in Powder Blue too!


Our first pick is this intricate and vibrant hexagonal geometric patterned wallpaper. We love this because of the resonating shapes and complimentary colour palettes. This geometric wallpaper includes a modern mélange of cubes, triangles and circles that can make any wall jump and pop.


Hexagonal geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


In this kitchen, the geometric hexagonal wallpaper pattern really adds visual interest and excitement and greatly reflects a more clean and contemporary feel to the space.



If you’re not that big on colour, but still love this geometric wallpaper print, you can pair-up a neutral white and grey version with some funky coloured furniture accents.






This geometric wallpaper strays from the calculated cubes and squares. Ripple geometric wallpaper is modern with a retro twist showcasing playful colours and curves. The overlapping rippled line work creates simplified floral geometries that outline a lively wallpaper pattern for your interior spaces.


Byzantium Ripple is abstract and large scale and really stands out with a crisp white trim. The oranges pair nicely with warm woods and pastels. The bright and vibrant colours are great for gathering spaces or for child play rooms that are meant to be full of fun and energy.






This Moroccan style wallpaper is a simplified trellis pattern similar to Ripple that falls under geometric wallpapers because of the sophisticated curving line work outlining unique and symmetrical shapes. This geometric wallpaper pattern is simple yet effective with the use of colour in a monochromatic palette.


Coral lattice geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


Coral lattice isn’t what you would typically expect to throw into your interiors but the large scale and negative space in the geometric lattice wallpaper allows for bold pairings that make for great design! The range of hues is picked directly from the wallpaper itself using the more saturated coral pair with the paler peachy-orange. This is an effective way to choose the right palettes to avoid colour clashing.







Speaking of funky, hounds tooth is a fashion forward geometric pattern consisting of pointed abstract shapes with an even ratio of two hues with many scales to choose from. The pointed geometries almost create a static vibe that adds energy and rhythm in your spaces.

Black & White Dogstooth geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


The large scale and contrast of this black and white houndstooth wallpaper used in this desk setting is truly bold and dramatic. The houndstooth geometries draw a lot of focus and attention to the background area that don’t compete too much with the thin and sleek furniture.


Warm Grey Puppytooth geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


Because we just love laying out the options, here is a shot of smaller scale puppy tooth wallpaper in a taupe colour combo. This geometric pattern really pairs well with the warmer off-whites and complimentary yellows without the whole TV noise and drama of the black and white wallpaper.



Powder Blue







This “delusional geometric wallpaper” is one of our most popular choices and is the epitome of colour options. There are so many to choose from including powder blue, copper, crimson, yellow, black and more. The 3 dimensional look with highlights shades and shadow in the pattern takes this triangulated wallpaper to the next level.


Black delusional geometries wallpaper by Walls Republic


You can fully appreciate geometric goodness in this modern setting dining room. There is so much depth that mimics an embossed tile background it is no wonder that the “delusional geometric wallpaper” is one of our favourites.






Texture, texture, texture! This optical illusion type geometric wallpaper has unique layering and texture with a white hexagonal pattern (see hexagonal here) overlaying a faux wood backdrop. The wood finishes have a very natural and earthy aura but juxtaposing it with these entangling cubes and triangles provides a bizarre yet genius contemporary approach to geometric wallpaper.

Grey geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


The dark stained wood background really emphasizes the intricate and puzzling pattern in this hexagonal optical geometric pattern. This unique setting including natural artifacts really brings out the mystery and wonder of this great geometric wallpaper idea!




Coral bohemian bright geometric wallpaper by Walls Republic


Along the lines of texture, this geometric Coral Bohemian wallpaper has got both lines and texture. The swirly Aztec print of this wallpaper pattern is delightful and modern. The glamorous coral and cream juxtaposed with the soft feathery edging is a great twist to the basic crisp lines of traditional geometric wallpapers.


Coral bohemian wallpaper by Walls Republic


Coral bohemian is a fun geometric wallpaper that goes exceptionally well with neutrals. We love the stylish pairing of a modernized historic Aztec print with natural brown wood planks. Geometric wallpapers are most effective with colour so this geometric bohemian print is the perfect place to get going.




Faux Leather geometric wallpaper in Marsala Red


Faux Leather geometric wallpaper in white


This contemporary faux leather wallpaper is another unique pick to add to the list of spectacular geometric wallpapers. The Contemporary faux leather wallpaper comes in a tufted diamond paneled pattern with great tone-on-tone detail. If saturated colours, crisp shapes and curvy line work are really not your preference, we have this alternative option for you.


Contemporary Faux Leather Brown Tufted Wallpaper by Walls Republic


The vast tonal values create a deep aura of sophistication along with the leather finish of this wallpaper. If you’re looking for a more luxurious and classical feel to your space, this leather tufted wallpaper still gives you the boldness and colour variance of a dynamic geometric pattern.

That concludes the list of our 8 most spectacular modern geometric wallpapers. There are so many styles and patterns of geometric wallpaper to choose from to build your perfect contemporary and urban interior. We hope that you love these picks as much as we do! It’s time to add some wonderfully bizarre modern wallpaper to your homes; it’s time to go geometric!


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