8 Fashion Forward, Vibrant, Tone on Tone Wallpapers

The Entire Spectrum in Bright Home Wallpapers

Tone on tone wallpapers covering the whole spectrum of colours are bright a lively for a space that requires bold splash of colour. There are so many tone on tone styles from shades of red, to greens, and blues to give you the right tones to tie your spaces together with a bold colour feature wall.




Tender Ruby Rose Wallpaper R1772

Being the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum red is a bold and powerful colour that makes an assertive statement. Red wallpapers are bold and warm for creating a cozy atmosphere from floral prints to classic trellis patterns and everything in between these fiery wallpapers can truly transform your home. This Tender pattern contains a stippled tactile and three dimensional floral pattern. It brings out a romantic, sensual and fashionable ambiance for a space that exudes warmth. This wallpaper will adorn your interior with staple colours and motifs.


 Coral Lattice Wallpaper R2551 

Lattice is a take on the popular trellis pattern with decorative curving line work. It is a great staple in your dining room, living rooms, or hallways. Its simple unadorned nature will allow you to play with other colours and prints while providing the perfect stand out backdrop in coral.




Orange can act as a fun and playful colour to add an unexpected element to your interiors. This Swell wallpaper is a simple linear pattern with shifting dimensions. It is simple wallpaper with an exciting rhythm perfect for creating a sense of movement and flow throughout your home.





Yellow will add a touch of brightness to your walls and is not too overwhelming in a mid-ochre tone. This Urban pattern is large scale heavily textured modern wallpaper with curved cone forms. It creates an immense sense of depth through the layering of form and its high contrast hues. Use it in your dining room or living space to bring in an urban aura.





Green is the colour that can represent harmony balance, and nature to give off an earthy or fresh look. This Buffer wallpaper contains a contemporary folded square pattern with a faux tin look. Producing a shimmery effect, it can add a beautiful gleam to any wall.




Blue is a calming colour that can clear the mind and evoke the outdoors and sky. This Evolve wallpaper is a non-primary blue with a circular geometric pattern and strong sense of symmetry & balance. It is a bold, yet calming choice with the cool turquoise tones and uniform patterning.



Purple in deep shades can look regal and royal in your interiors and in more pastel tones can be soft and romantic. This Tye Dye pattern wallpaper is abstract dye textured wallpaper. With a unique stained pattern, Tye Dye is a simple backdrop with a rich palette of colours.


Snowflake Ruby Trendy Wallpaper R1442


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