7 Must See Contemporary Wallpapers for Your Living Room

The living room is a fantastic place to feature contemporary wallpapers as it is often the core of the home and a space that is made use of very much by homeowners and guests alike. Featuring contemporary wallpaper in this space can be the perfect way to help you fall in love with your living room and creates a good conversation piece. Add some excitement to your home by checking out our top seven contemporary wallpapers that includes some of the most up to the minute wallpaper trends.





Goldenrod Hexad Contemporary Tile Wall Mural M8844


This wall mural is a great way to add a tiled look to your walls with rich colours drawn from Spanish tile work. This wallpaper will infuse your home with a sense of travel and history while giving you a contemporary luxury look effortlessly.




Coral Chevron Stripe Contemporary Wallpaper R2555


Chevron patterns are right on trend and make a big statement on your walls. It is seen all over fashion, from clothing to bags and accessories, chevron patterns are being used everywhere imaginable. In coral it adds a bright, warm playfulness while its neutral colourways offer a more subtle and timeless take on the chevron stripe.





Beige Evolve Contemporary Geometric Wallpaper for your Living Room R2539


This pattern will be simple, classic, and timeless in your interiors. The patterning is bold yet refined and simple with the tone on tone neutral scheme. It is a great way to bring geometry into a casually elegant space.




Blue-Green Vapor Contemporary Living Room Wallpaper R2502


This smokey pattern is calming and soft with its loose organic lines flowing across the walls. It is a great choice for a space of relaxation with its muted pastel tones and loose gestural quality.




Gainsboro Embroid Contemporary Striped Damask Wallpaper R2464


Embroid offers a contemporary take on damask by fusing together a damask pattern and stripe with soft chalky colours. The distressed look mixed with fine line work and soft pastel tones give this wallpaper a rustic vintage vibe creating a subtle elegance in your interiors.




Green Moss Contemporary Living Room Wallpaper R2353 


Green Moss references today's focus on nature and the environment with a textural pattern that looks like grass. It will bring a fresh earthy sense to your living room evoking feelings of the outdoors.




Ecru Rings Modern Home Wallpaper R2307


Rings infuses modern geometry and fine lines to make a simple neutral statement with geometry. The patterning and colour scheme are simple and neutral at a glance but have a highly intriguing visual impact with the large scale circular patterning.


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