7 Calming Wallpapers in Pantone's Rose Quartz and Serenity

It’s that time of year when everyone is just itching to slip and fade away from the hustle and bustle of the busy season. For the first time ever, Pantone has mindfully rewarded this diligent year with a gorgeous pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity for their "Colour of the Year". We’re giving you our favourite wallpapers in Rose Quartz and Serenity that will bring you a long lasting balance of order, peace, and wellness into your interior spaces.



Lilac Vintage Blossoms R3030


Rose Quartz is a lovely rose tone that is cheerful and calming with its blushing pink and yellow undertones. Pantone describes Rose quartz as a "persuasive yet gentle colour conveying compassion and composure". We’re keen on the fact that relaxation, these days, is one of a home’s top priorities. This ravishing colour generates soothing warmth that is perfect for bringing comfort and care into the places you love. As a fast and easy solution to relax in style, here are our top 3 wallpapers in Pantone’s rose quartz:





Modern Geometric Satin Luxury Tan Reflect Wallpaper R3776 - A modern twist on the popular geometric wallpaper genre


This modern geometric wallpaper in pantones Rose Quartz adds just the right pop of neutral warmth into any space. The modern geometric waving forms are both joyful and relaxing with a hip retro and modern vibe. This wallpaper is a splendid compliment to brighter or deeper hues of your favourite pillows, throws, and other personal home accessories.


2. PUCE EVOLVE // R2538


Puce Evolve R2538 - Retro chic circular geometric wallpaper in rose quartz and a deep mauve


If you like the softness of Rose Quartz but still want something that is a bit bolder for some extra life and fun, for lets say your living room or kitchen, you can try this circular geometric wallpaper pattern as a central feature wall for these spaces. This pattern represents balance and harmony which embodies the social movement of unity in pantones colour choices. It’s almost impossible to say no the elegant pairing of Rose Quartz with this deep mauve! Our Rose Quartz circular geometric wallpaper is a great way to unify your gathering spaces for a daily boost of inspiration and motivation.





Contemporary Faux Leather Lilac Tufted Wallpaper R3684 - Tufted leather wallpaper in a delightful diamond pattern


Our last wallpaper in Rose Quartz is for those with a more lavish and luxurious definition of relaxation. This faux leather wallpaper has great tone-on-tone detail that adds extra depth and character that looks just like the real thing. A great way to kick-back in style, and be fashionable yet cost-effective is with a faux wallpaper. This rose quartz wallpaper looks just like a cushiony chair that you could just disappear in for a warm cozy nap!




Royal Blue Vintage Blossoms R3032


There is no better to compliment the warmness of Rose Quartz than with the coolness of Serenity. Serenity is the other half of this symbolic and soothing pairing. Pantone describes Serenity as "weightless and airy for a sense of relaxation in turbulent times." Serenity adds an element of freedom and openness to the warm embrace of Rose Quartz and is great for an bonus touch of tranquility into your interior spaces. We’re treating you with our top 3 favourite wallpapers in Serenity!


1. FOLDS // SR1406


Folds SR1406 - wallpaper has a harmonious balance of hues and shades Folds wallpaper in Serenity is a contemporary spin on a classic striped wallpaper.


The detailed catch is this lovely combination of hues and shades in textured parallel stripes. This wallpaper is subtle and provides a perfect wave of calm over your interior walls. The lilac and blue undertones reflects the serenity of the sea and skies and you can add a fresh cool pop of colour to places like a kitchen or bathroom or your favourite stress free hobby spaces.




Timber Plank Powder blue R1883 - Soft and sweet timber planks in a lovely serenity blue pastel


Many people feel especially relaxed when they are connected somehow or in any way to nature. Real materials like wood allows us to seamlessly bring the calmness and peace of the outdoors into our spaces. This timber plank wallpaper in serenity is just as good and durable as the real thing for a fast and easy interior transformation. The cool pastel stain in Pantone's fashionable Serenity colour makes this faux wood wallpaper one of our favourites.




Periwinkle Blue Tracks R3304 - Super chic and unique tie-dye pattern in this lovely blue Tracks is a dashed and striped pattern in a lovely tie-dye finish.


The wispyness and irregularity of this print is enough to lift you away into the calmness of your space. The light tones in Pantone's Serenity are airy, free , and perfect for brightening up a bedroom or a kitchen for a peaceful environment. We’re loving the uniqueness of this pixelated pattern that is both expressive and impressive.


Don't want just one?


Cape Town Waters M9124


If you love both colours and choose to have the relaxing benefits of the combination as a whole, you can opt for the growing wallpaper trend of a wall mural. This gorgeous mural features the same fusion of Pantone's Colours of the year with the Serenity coloured sea and Rose Quartz coloured sky in highly realistic detail. You can experience the harmony as a whole using the image as an accent wall for a truly captivating interior transformation into absolute tranquility.


Matte Baby Pink (SR1540) and Brushed Wood Blue-Grey (R1881)


Rose Quarts and Serenity is the perfect blend of soft and peaceful pastels with a responsible and moving design purpose. This glorious gift of colour can bring long-lasting relaxation into any space. Pair our wallpapers in Pantone’s colours with accessories with mid-tones of green and purple, even bright yellows, golds, and vibrant pinks. Mix it up and be free and open to whatever you feel would make your space your own. Relaxation time is all about you after all, you deserve it!

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