6 Stunning Powder Rooms with Wallpaper Profiled
Powder rooms have been a top priority wallpaper project on the agendas of many homeowners and designers this season. Here are a few powder room decorating ideas to impress your guests right from the get-go and make a mega statement in your home.


A new generation of wallpapers is revitalizing the design scene with fresh new contemporary patterns that hold so much potential to expand the classic rep of powder room wallpaper. Often an afterthought, powder rooms are a great way to emphasize the thought and care you put into every inch of your home; even the tiniest of spaces.



Completely unique patterns to liven up dull powder rooms!


6 Stunning Powder Room Wallpaper Ideas

Vibrant Blue Wallpaper in Powder Room #1


Brushed Wood Blue-GreyR1881


One way to stun your guests is with a brilliant burst of color in your powder room. A pop of color is perfect for keeping your guests happy and making an impact if you have a small powder room. Choosing vibrant color wallpaper with a simple pattern or texture is one of the best wallpapers for smaller powder rooms because of the limited wall space that could potentially break up and disturb a larger pattern. Blue powder rooms wallpapers are one of the most popular picks representing safety and tranquility that boosts energy without being too loud.

Here are a few of our top picks for vibrant blue wallpaperfor your powder room:


Fresh Azure SR1005



Powder Blue Geometries R2922


Homey Blue SR1029


Elegant Floral Wallpaper in Powder Room #2



White Blossoming Almond Trees R5004


Floral wallpapers are exquisitely elegant and emulate a fresh aura of relaxation that makes you and your guests feel at peace in your home. Floral wallpaper is a great idea for powder rooms as they offer a subtle approach to great design that captivates the space with wispy gentle contemporary patterns. Feel immediately calm and refreshed with the beautiful and natural connectivity of elegant floral wallpaper.

Get inspired with our favourite floral finds for wallpaper ideas in your powder room:



Natural Desert Tropics Wallpaper R4198



Dainty Faded Blue Damask Wallpaper



Floating Yellow and White Floral Wallpaper R4484


Dramatic and Dynamic Large Scale Wallpaper in Powder Room #3



Grand Indigo Damask


Choosing large-scale wallpaper patterns such as a grand damask or dynamic geometric pattern is one way to wow your guests and make the most of a limited space full of opportunities. Powder rooms are the perfect place to experiment with patterns you wouldn’t typically use for rooms that are more often frequented. Give your guests a memorable surprised with rich designer wallpapers that tell a story of bold personality. Let your imagination run wild with colorful and eccentric patterns that are out of the ordinary!

Draw inspiration from these 3 daring wallpaper designs for your powder room decorating ideas:





Tropical Natural Green And White Leaves Wallpaper R4191



Black & White Chevron Stripe R2552


Modern Metallic Wallpaper in Powder Room #4



Transitional Metallic Black and Copper Overleaf Wallpaper R4007


Brighten up a small powder room with a brilliant reflective surface that feels rich and energizing. With rich metallic wallpaper, you can open up the door to a shining radiant light that is your powder room wallpaper. Spoil your guests with the sparkle a luxurious metallic powder room that features lustrous gold and silver accents. The results are a breathtaking space that will leave a one of a kind experience in your home.

Get your glam on with these marvellous metallic powder room wallpapers:



Rustic Metallic Orange Spotted Army Green Wallpaper R3798



Contemporary Metallic Gold Paper Birch Wallpaper R4366



Luxury Elegant Grey Octagonal Metallic Tiled Wallpaper R3795


Natural Woven Grasscloth Wallpaper in Powder Room #5


Bamboo Army Green Grasscloth R2008


Grasscloth wallpaper is made of rich natural fibers that fuse the freedom of the vast outdoors into a small powder room. Every inch is totally unique with loose knots and real woven details that add genuine texture and culture. If you are looking for an earthy and environmentally friendly inspired powder room that is full of welcoming warmth, grasscloth is the best wallpaper idea for your powder room.

Grow your own earthly style with our top notch natural grasscloth wallpapers for your powder room:



Buddle Neutral Grasscloth R2007



Duo sisal Bronze Grasscloth R1995



Sisal Blue-Grey Grasscloth R1991



Weathered Wash Faux Concrete Wallpaper in Powder Room #6


Cold Concrete M9216


The immediate appeal edginess and rawness is what pushes concrete wallpaper at the top of the trends for powder rooms. Show-off modern and chic style that is totally effortless yet translates an extremely powerful argument in a space. Wallpaper has come a long way and what is great about faux concrete wallpaper is the naturally weathered dips and cracks created by precise color toning that gives any space the history and character of a true structural concrete wall.

Check out these 3 thrilling faux concrete wallpapers for your powder room:



Coarse Concrete M8991



Concrete Slab M8992



Crackled Concrete M9225


Be fearless and experiment with all sorts of wallpaper patterns, textures, and colors for your powder room. Whether you have a large powder room or a small powder room, go beyond your boundaries and create daring designs that will impact your guests and leave a lasting home impression. You can find more powder room wallpaper styles here.



Modern Padded Textile Light Wash Blue Wallpaper R4090


Until next time, Happy wallpapering!





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