5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hallways

Most of the time when people think of “interior design,” they imagine beautifully designed master bedrooms, expansive and well decorated living rooms, and elegant powder rooms. However, other areas of the home also deserve some love as well! In this article, we highlight 5 wallpaper patterns that would be perfect for sprucing up your hallways. From timeless, elegant looks to contemporary “out of the box” designs, here are some patterns that help create a unified look for your space.


Creative Hallway Wallpaper:

Geometric wallpaper and striped wallpaper are often popular choices for hallways because these patterns are easier to use. It’s common to see homeowners use plainer patterns in this area because there’s the idea that hallways aren’t as “important” as spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms. However, hallways serve as the connecting point between these central areas and can be used as part of a unified interior design.


Metallic Static Zigzag Abstract Wallpaper Taupe and White R4683 - A unique twist on the traditional geometric or striped wallpaper design.


One way to have a unique look that extends to all corners of the residential space is to use creative wallpaper in the hallways. For example, this pattern takes the traditional geometric/striped wallpaper and gives it an interesting twist, making it more visually appealing. The zigzag effect gives it a more dynamic look that adds a lot of energy to the hallway. By repeating different colors, this also creates a nice gradient effect that creates the illusion of movement.


Elegant Hallway Wallpaper:


Elegant Floral Frame Wallpaper Beige and Pink R4876 - A traditional aesthetic in gorgeous pastel shades.  


For a timeless, classic look, this floral wallpaper uses intricate details to create a stunning effect. Framed by linear vertical borders that give the appearance of height, the soft pink complements the beige colors well. The pastel color palette is one that is flexible and versatile, making it easier to use than bolder or more vibrant colors. Mixing damask, floral, and stripe patterns into one wallpaper, we think this pattern is perfect for hallways if you’re looking to create an elegant appearance.


Elegant Floral Frame Wallpaper Beige and Yellow R4877 - A more neutral color palette.  


A monochromatic palette can also be a great choice for hallways in order to visually connect two different rooms together.


Rustic Hallway Wallpaper:

On one side, we have elegant wallpaper and on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have rustic or weathered designs. These patterns tend to focus on having a more modern appeal and, more often than not, resemble a “real world” material such as wood, concrete, or brick. These faux finish wallpaper patterns are a favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike.


Vintage Wood Wallpapaper Light Blue and Orange R4785 - Rustic wallpaper has never been more popular!  


In hallways, using wood wallpaper patterns such as the one above can really help create a specific mood or atmosphere for the home. This wallpaper’s teal and orange colors say “trendy” while its aged effects says “traditional.” The contrast between the two creates a rustic yet modern look that definitely spruces up any old hallway. Adding a burst of color also helps the space appear more open and welcoming.


Colorful Hallway Wallpaper:


Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Teal and Black R4757 - The darker background makes the colors "pop" even more.  


Hallway wallpaper can be a source of inspiration and this is one area of the home where you don’t need to be afraid to go all out. Want a colorful look that will draw attention? Go for it! This floral wallpaper pattern stands out to us because its design features a watercolor effect, which has been a major growing trend this year. The darker grey background makes the colors “pop” even more, giving it an artistic appeal.


Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Teal and Grey R4756 - Vibrant and bold or subtle and muted? So many color schemes to choose from!  


Like the design but not a fan of the bold color scheme? Here’s the same pattern that uses a more muted color palette. This one is perfect if other areas of the home are designed with a similar, muted color scheme.


Minimalist Hallway Wallpaper:


Simple Faux Marble Wallpaper Pastel Blue R5038 - Abstract patterns, such as marble, make for great hallway wallpaper designs.


Last but not least, abstract patterns (or patterns with no real definite “image”) are an excellent choice for hallways. These are perfect for those who want to add a splash of color and some visual interest, but want a design that’s subtle and isn’t the center of attention. As we’ve covered in previous articles, marble designs are trending right now and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular faux finish patterns. We’ve chosen this one because neutral colors are a common choice when choosing wallpaper for hallways.


When choosing hallway wallpaper…

When choosing wallpaper for your hallway, it’s important to connect it to the rest of your home’s current interior design. Making it match or complement current patterns or color schemes will create a more unified theme that extends throughout the entire home, not just in separate rooms. One way to create a more cohesive look is to choose similar or complementary patterns. For example, damask wallpaper in the living room would pair well with floral or abstract hallway wallpaper.

A second way to connect the hallway design to other rooms in the house is through color, such as using similar or complimentary color palettes. For example, pastel colors can be one unifying color scheme. Overall, hallway wallpaper is another fun and exciting way to make your house feel more like your home – it’s a way to express your individuality while creating an interior design that is uniquely yours.


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