3 Unique Interior Design Inspiration Boards!

For those who are thinking about or planning to redesign their entire room, you're in luck! In this article, we'll be creating 3 unique "inspiration boards," each with their own aesthetic or theme. Each of the furniture and décor items are centered around the main wallpaper or wallpaper mural, resulting in a stylish and unified look that will be perfect for your space!


1. Mixing Rustic and Vintage Aesthetics

Rustic and vintage are two distinct style categories but in our first inspiration board, both are mixed together to create a minimalist and down-to-earth look that's perfect for any space. It emphasizes a relaxed, casual mood that centers on earthy colors like brown and beige. In fact, the majority of this inspiration board is made up of items that use neutral colors!

At the center of the design is one of our newest and most creative wallpapers, Black Vintage Tile. It mixes a faux effect background (white tiles) with an interesting collage of different motifs, such as a close-up of an eye, a top hat, a hot air balloon, a vintage mannequin, and much more.

The simple black and white coloring allows you the option to be much more flexible with the rest of your interior design. For example, if earthy colors aren't for you, this Vintage wallpaper works just as well with bolder or more vibrant colors, like purple, red, and blue. Here is a list of the items that made up this look!

To finish the casual rustic aesthetic, look for furniture that use wood or natural materials. One of our favorite finds is the thick, comfortable jute rug that has an authentic, handmade look. The major furniture pieces are all shades of brown, which add a simplistic yet natural look to the space. This was done deliberately as each of these items – the coffee table, bookshelf, and rug – are all functional items.

To add color to the space, look at items such as sofas or armchairs, creative lighting fixtures, and smaller décor items for the table and bookshelf. In our inspiration board, we went with a gorgeous dark green sofa that has a bit of a retro design itself. The combination of green and brown accentuates the organic, nature-inspired look.


2. A Sophisticated and Modern Color Scheme

This "inspiration board" is all about creating a sophisticated and modern look for your space. It emphasizes the use of colors to create a visually striking dynamic that's memorable and engaging. Mixing rich blue tones and mustard yellows can create a very contemporary style as these two colors play off each other well. It has a vibrant aesthetic that adds energy to the space.

Blue has a relaxing, more casual look that contrasts yellow's more vibrant, energetic appeal. The use of darker yellow tones helps to balance out the lighter colors of the room.

Above is our inspiration board for the "sophisticated and modern" space, with the main furniture and décor items selected. The lighting fixture we chose is a total splurge but if you want a similar theme, look for hanging ceiling lights that have a sense of geometry to them. For instance, the one in this board features straight lines that extend from the center, creating a very angular look. The dark gold color goes well with the dark mustard yellow wallpaper as both are similar colors that add warmth to the space.

Etsy is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're going to find! This treasure trove can be a great place to put the final touches on your space, such as the vivid yellow pillow cover. We think the brighter yellow works well with the other items, especially since it stands out from the deeper yellow wallpaper and pairs perfectly with the chair.

Rugs are one of those décor items that seem to be forgotten, but it can really add a spark of visual style to the space. Since the walls are mustard yellow, we've gone with a blue rug to help contrast it and provide more blue colors into the room.


3. A Themed Look That's Budget-Friendly!

Our third and final interior design inspiration board uses a theme throughout the space to create something playful and unique. If you're a coffee lover, keep on reading because this one's tailored for you! At the center of the design is our Coffee Beans wallpaper mural, which is an up-close look at a bunch of coffee beans. With an interesting perspective on an everyday item we consume, the mural takes on an abstract or geometric look.

Given the rich colors of the coffee wallpaper mural, look for white or lighter colored furniture to create a nice contrast, which will help balance out the dark colors. The dining table has a sleek look with a modern appeal. If you want to create a theme throughout your room, look for furniture items that use your selected theme. In our case, we found this cute dining chair with a coffee cup cut-out. The maroon seat adds to the warmth of the space, making it feel cozy.

For the lighting, we went with this mid-sized hanging ceiling light that adds a modern feel to the space. Be sure to add a bit of color here and there so that the space doesn't look overly dark or brown. For example, adding some green colors with these potted plants is a great way to create some color contrast. The addition of plants can turn your space into a cozy café!


3 Unique Inspiration Boards!

From warm and cozy to colorful and sophisticated, those are three unique looks that you can replicate in your own space. These inspiration boards work great as a starting guideline. If you see a style you like but want to switch out a few items, we suggest taking the images and creating a board of your own to see how it would look. Which one of these 3 inspiration boards is your favorite? Also, want to see more inspiration boards from us in the future? Let us know in the comments below!


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