2022 Summer Wallpaper Trends

The summer season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a home makeover! In this article, we’ll be highlighting the top 5 summer wallpaper trends that are heating up the interior space with their stylish looks! From creative geometrics that show off your personality to artistic prints that will truly “wow” your guests, read on and find out what the top summer wallpaper trends are for 2022.


1. “Traditional Chic” Wallpaper: Blending Classic and Modern Tastes

The first summer wallpaper trend for 2022 is patterns that blend a classic look with a more modern aesthetic approach. Blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary, these traditional chic wallpapers are popular for the summertime because this unique blend creates an iconic look that can be “dressed” up or down depending on your room’s furniture. When you want to create a high-end, designer look that’s sophisticated or a more casual cozy look, here are two examples of wallpaper patterns that blend classic and modern together.

 White & Gold Abstract Leaves Botanical Wallpaper Mural M1064

White & Gold Abstract Leaves Mural is truly a unique wallpaper design, mixing a highly traditional abstract background with a contemporary “digital” overlay. This creates an interesting duo look that’s full of details and visual intrigue. The minimalist color scheme puts the focus entirely on the imagery. Consider using this in a living room to create an original centerpiece, or in a powder room to create a sense of modern appeal.



Blue Swimming Koi Mural Wallpaper M9550

With a traditional image, the more modern color scheme helps create a more contemporary look. The rich colors are absolutely breathtaking, establishing a bold color palette that is sure to unify the space. The deep dark blue background provides a gorgeous contrast for the foreground imagery – the light greens, blues, and reds play off the background nicely.



2. Art-inspired Wallpaper Patterns for Creative Folks

Instead of a few photographs or paintings on your walls, why not transform the entire wall into an artistic work? With watercolor wallpaper, these designs often take an artistic direction, portraying eye-catching scenery and imagery. Art-inspired wallpaper patterns are the perfect summer wallpaper trend for homeowners who want to show their creativity and love for beautiful, thought-provoking imagery!


Blue Oil Painted Wall Mural M9893

Featuring a watercolor aesthetic, Blue Oil Painted Wall Mural is a prime example of art-inspired wallpaper. The wallpaper design mimics a painter’s brush as the watercolors blend effortlessly into each other. With a predominant blue color scheme, the wallpaper has a relaxed look that is sure to add a subtle stylishness to the space.



Yellow Almond Blossom Bold Floral Wallpaper R2791

Of course, we can’t talk about art-inspired wallpaper for the summer without featuring one of our most popular and favorite designs. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, we think this bright yellow version of Almond Blossom is absolutely great for the summer. It adds a vibrant optimism to the room, whether you’re using it in a larger dining room or a smaller den. Actually, this leads to the next summer wallpaper trend…



3. Cheery Yellow Wallpaper That’s Bright and Welcoming

Yellow wallpaper absolutely screams “summer” because of its vibrant appearance. This color has the ability to transform the space, making it feel more energetic and welcoming. Since color can often have an impact on our mood, using yellow paper in communal areas – such as the living room or kitchen – is a great way to lighten the mood.


Saffron Yellow Tropical Decoration Wallpaper R6813

When you explore the yellow wallpaper category, you’ll find a diverse collection of designs. One of the ones that stand out to us is Saffron Yellow Tropical Wallpaper. This elegant nature inspired wallpaper adorns the wall with printed tropical trees in various colors. The trees, which have a hand-drawn look with ink outlines, sit atop a gorgeous matte background, making this a glamorous powder room wallpaper.


Yellow Dried Grass Wallpaper R6759

For those still unsure about wallpaper and whether or not it’s right for them, textured wallpaper is an excellent alternative to paint. If you don’t want too much imagery on your walls, textured wallpaper is a high-quality, long-lasting (and budget-friendly) way to skip the messy paint while maintaining a solid-colored, minimalist look.



4. Large Leafy Wallpaper Designs for a Natural Look

A list of summer wallpaper trends wouldn’t be complete unless we looked at floral wallpaper and what’s blooming, so to speak. For 2018, the biggest floral wallpaper trend is definitely large-scale leafy designs that make a huge visual impact. Larger imagery has a monumental feel, creating a unique look for the space that’s transformative.


Green Tropical Summer Vibes with Birds Wallpaper Mural M9990

First up is Green Tropical Wallpaper, a tropical-inspired mural that will add a delightful and pleasant view that your guests are sure to be amazed by. It's a wonderful choice for a living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, entertainment space, and maybe a hobby room. The natural green color also matches perfectly with any wooden furnishings and home decor ideas that you might have.



 Green Lively Leaves II Mural M9960

This print has been making the rounds from fashion and accessories to home décor and furniture. It’s become an iconic print in such a short period of time not only because of its versatility, but its trendy looks. The bold green leaves against a plain white background have a minimalist look that makes it a stylish addition to any space. It balances the detailed use of color with a more simplistic background, creating a look that is so stylish for the summer season.



5. Quirky Wallpaper That Shows Off Your Personality

Last but not least, the final 2022 summer wallpaper trend we’re finishing off with is all about showcasing your personality through your home décor. Geometric wallpaper is a category where wallpaper designers show off their own personality so chances are you’ll definitely find a pattern that resonates with you!



White & Gold Varied Metallic Marble Mural Wallpaper M9418

While most geometric wallpapers are all about defined shapes and straight or curved lines, this one is a bit out of the box. It’s a more abstract take on traditional geometric prints, opting for shapes and patterns that look more like an optical illusion than defined imagery. The minimalist color scheme has a modern appeal as well.



Pink & Grey Chic Geometry Mural M9946

Lastly, Geometric Style is a blend of many of the previous summer wallpaper trends we’ve been talking about – it has an artistic look that makes use of watercolor aesthetics, and it blends a classic geometric pattern with an updated modern aesthetic. What results is a stylish geometric design that’s also timeless. With a mostly blue color scheme that features darker and lighter shades, there are hints of light green as well. It’s these splashes of color that add a lot of interesting quirks to the pattern.

And there you have it! Our top 5 summer wallpaper trends for 2022! From creative, art-themed wallpaper to hybrid traditional/modern patterns, this summer is all about embracing interesting designs and showing off your own individuality.


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