2015 Wallpaper Trends: Geometric Trellis Wallpaper to Help You Design a Classy Home

Trellis designs are a highly popular trend among professional designers, homeowners, and celebrities with variations on this traditional style appearing all over. Its geometry and symmetry are clean, simple, and refreshing. Available in a range of styles to suit any space, trellis patterns are sure to remain a classic staple in your interiors.


Arabesque Dove Trellis Wallpaper Design R1864


This monochromatic classic trellis pattern has added visual interest with its elegant silver luster and sparkle making it a regal addition to your home.


Rising Quatrefoils White & Grey Lattice Wallpaper Design R1887


Black and White trellis patterns add a good level of contrast to your walls. This quatrefoil trellis pattern provides subtle depth with its layered texture and is a striking neutral backdrop.



Simple Black and White Trellis Wallpaper Design Idea


This simple black and white trellis pattern is a great compliment for your interiors. Its simple unadorned nature will allow you to play with other colours and prints while providing the perfect backdrop to make your space stand out.


Lozenge Charcoal Lattice Wallpaper Design R1413  


Lozenge is great if you are looking for a subtle geometric trellis pattern, it adds a hint of texture and geometry allowing you to work other bold feature elements into the entire scheme as well.


Brown Woodland Trellis Faux Wood Wallpaper R2232   


This wallpaper takes trellis patterns to a new level combining two currently popular design trends in one. Faux finished wallpapers have been increasing in popularity so this contemporary lattice pattern overlaid on a faux wood texture gives you the best of both styles and gives your interior a high fashion vibe.


Green Billows Geometric Wallpaper R2230


For a more unconventional trellis like look, try this layered style for a fresh level of depth and dimension. It has a soft romantic feel and can create a dreamy light airy ambiance.


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