2014-2015 Wallpaper Trends

The latest trends in wallpaper and what to look for in 2014-2015 to create an on trend space.


Many of this season's wallpaper designs are taking cues from past eras while adding new twists to create highly versatile and contemporary looks. Wallpapers with metallic sheens, floral and geometric prints, texture, and faux finishes are seen all over today and will help you create the trendy wallpaper appearance you desire for your home. The latest trends in wallpaper also feature wallpaper used in a number of unique applications such as on the ceiling or as accents on furniture to compliment full wall applications.



Metallic wallpapers are a big 2014-2015 wallpaper trend that can be used to create highly attention grabbing captivating spaces. Gold details and accents are appearing all over in the latest design projects in warm gold, brass, and copper tones.


Relax Brown Wallpaper Trend 2014-2015, R1779


This new metallic wallpaper trend can also be used to open up a small room and make it appear brighter as the reflective tones will bounce light throughout the space. Metallic details can further add a contemporary touch to traditional patterns making your traditional spaces appear current and fresh.


Twist Vanilla Trend Wallpapers, R1069


Try a tone on tone trendy wallpaper with a metallic sheen for added visual interest like Walls Republic's Twist wallpaper in vanilla or beige. The subtlety of a tone on tone pattern will make it an ideal on trend wallpaper style for your hallways and entryway. Metallic wallpapers are a growing wallpaper trend adding a rich, luxurious, and glamorous touch to any space. With well positioned lighting they will give off a brilliant shimmer and glow, adding a sense of depth to your walls.

If you are looking for something in 2014's pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, try our Colourbars striped wallpaper in violet with a rich metallic shimmer.




Henge Faux Finish Wallpaper, R1428


Another widely noticeable 2014-2015 wallpaper trend in faux finishes and trompe l'oiel patterns that have been updated from the 50's and 60's for 2014. These are great for adding depth and the look of natural material to your walls. Contemporary wood grain, wood paneling, slate, stone and brick effects have been rising in popularity this year and have an extremely authentic appearance great for the dining room, office, or bedroom.


Timber Faux Wood Wallpaper, R1357


To get a sophisticated wood paneled appearance and the latest wallpaper trends, try out our Timber wallpaper in brown (R1357 above) or for the luxurious look of draped fabric check out Hang (R1126 below).


Hang Red Faux Fabric Wallpaper, R1126


New contemporary approaches are also being taken towards textured and tactile prints in 2014's new trendy wallpaper collections. Contemporary glass bead patterns and flocked patterns with a velvet touch are the perfect way to get on trend with your wallpaper selections for 2014.


Music Off-White Flock Wallpaper, R1914


Flock wallpaper is available in new contemporary geometric and organic patterns appearing in rich fashionable colours such as burgundy and gold. Glass bead wallpapers add an elegant shimmer and texture to any space. Floral and geometric wallpapers are also always in style and there are various contemporary 2014 updates to these styles. Geometric patterns in particular are big for 2014.



Sage Gold Glass Bead Wallpaper, R1926


Use these textured wallpapers for a luxurious, rich aura in your dining room, living room, or bedroom. Textured wallpapers create the ultimate sensory experience with their play on colour, tactility, depth, and sheen and will keep your interiors in tune with 2014-2015 wallpaper trends. For the latest in glass bead and flocked wallpaper, check out our flocked Music Off-White (R1914) and glass bead Sage Gold (R1926) wallpapers.



With new technologies in wallpaper, digital murals have become a popular 2014-2015 update for your walls that act as large art pieces and create a strong focal point. A feature wall is one of the latest wallpaper trends for 2014 and murals provide another fresh way to tackle this style.


Abstract Modern Wallpaper Mural, M8604


There are a vast range of murals available in many styles ranging from abstract patterns, cityscapes, art replications, children's designs, and nature depictions. Murals can set the perfect dramatic backdrop in a dining room or bedroom and provides a great conversation piece in your space that is right on trend.


Nature Wallpaper Mural, M8529



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