10 Wall Mural Ideas For Animal Lovers

Unlike regular wallpaper, wallpaper murals can be customized to fit your wall. This means every mural wall art is distinctive and unique to your home! Because mural art doesn’t feature any kind of pattern repeat, it is best used for feature walls. What’s wonderful about mural wallpaper is its high-quality finish that beautifully displays colour and detail.

This week, we’ve chosen our 10 favourite wallpaper murals featuring animals and other wildlife – perfect for animal lovers searching for interior decorating ideas!


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1. Jungle Mural Wallpaper


A mural featuring a leopard (M8665)


Bedroom wall murals always make a big statement, but this one takes it to the next step by adding a touch of wilderness to your space. This jungle wall mural features a majestic leopard in a forest environment with gorgeous colours that catches your eye.

A great place to hang this mural art in a bedroom is behind the headboard to achieve a stylish look that puts emphasis on key décor and furniture items in the space.

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2. Rustic Mural Wallpaper


Anthropology M9207 - Captions on wall murals are completely optional!


For those who want a more contemporary, artistic feel, Anthropology is the wallpaper mural for you. It features a buck and trees done in a watercolour aesthetic, adding a creative visual layer to the room design. With the earthy colours blending together, the splattered effect gives this forest wall mural a rustic impression.

One wallpaper design idea is to pair this mural with wood faux finish wallpaper to create a cabin look that is both cozy and inviting. Choose light coloured wallpaper since it will help accent the main image of the mural:


Timber Plank Ecru R1884



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3. Mural Wallpaper for Kids


Family Reunion M8558


Perfect for a kid’s bedroom or a playroom, Family Reunion features an abundance of wildlife that is sure to liven up the space and spark your children’s imagination. With a rich, colourful arrangement of animals, this wall mural compliments even the most eclectic of furniture colours. From bright orange and yellow to lime green, this wallpaper mural is best suited for those who want to create a spirited, multi-coloured space.

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4. Creative Mural Wallpaper


Giraffe Collage M9221


Create an upbeat and casual atmosphere with Giraffe Collage. Featuring lovely pastel colours that help brighten up the living space, this mural features a variety of images that will captivate guests. Mixing urban and rural motifs, this collage is a favourite of ours because of the diverse imagery - the forest scene beside the cityscape; the framed pictures contrasted with the flying butterflies; and, of course, the giraffe. This is an example of how wallpaper murals can harness creativity and use it in the design.

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5. Mural Wallpaper Close-ups


Jade Peacock M8940


Going for a more abstract look? This extreme close-up captures what we all usually imagine when we think of peacocks, and that is their iconic colourful tail feathers. This wall mural creates a luxurious atmosphere that would be an excellent choice for dining rooms and living rooms. Pair Jade Peacock with white furniture and décor items to create a look that is classy and chic.

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6. Abstract Mural Wallpapers


Cardinal Feathers M8930


For a mural wall idea that is especially dramatic and bold, this one definite fits the criteria. Again, it’s an extreme close-up of feathers (from a different bird this time!) but is more abstract than the previous mural. The deep red tones and inherent lighting create an interesting three-dimensional effect. The positioning of the feathers also adds a sense of dynamic movement.

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7. Industrial-inspired Mural Wallpaper


Classic Pug M9224


Mixing faux finish and geometric styles, this wallpaper mural features an adorable pug hanging from the top. The repeated pattern sits on top of an aged concrete background. The contrast between the two is something that adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to the mural. The clean lines of the geometric pattern and the weathered look of the concrete make any room look trendy!

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8. Minimalist Mural Wallpapers


A minimalist wall mural featuring a typographic image of a dog (M8666).


This mural art features phrases commonly associated with man’s best friend – a dog! If you’re looking for a minimalistic look, this wallpaper mural is the way to go. The background features a faded backyard scene, putting the bulk of the emphasis on the typographic image. For a funky, upscale look, pair this wall mural with glassbead wallpapers!


Pearl Rhodium R3456


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9. Elegant Mural Wallpapers


Vintage Damask M9244


A contemporary take on a classic style, this wallpaper mural features a damask pattern that frames three images: a tree, a bird, and a lion. What we love about this mural artwork is the "paint" dripping on the damask sections. While the damask style is commonly known for being elegant and tidy, this little addition makes it stand out among the crowd.

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10. Vibrant Mural Wallpapers


A mural design featuring horses (M8659)


Rounding off our 10 favourite wallpaper mural ideas is this one featuring horses roaming the landscape. With stunning colours that are engaging and vibrant, this mural artwork transforms your living space into an open expanse that adds a rural touch to your home. For a vintage room design style, pair this wallpaper mural with navy blue, taupe, or burnt orange furniture colours.

And that’s our 10 favourite wall mural ideas for animal lovers!

From leopards to dogs, horses to birds, these wallpaper murals are a great choice for animal lovers who are looking to renovate their home or update their room design. Wallpaper murals are highly customizable, and you might have seen some images above that had inspirational sayings. These are completely optional so if you’d rather not have it on your mural, not a problem. This level of customization is just one reason why wallpaper murals are unique.

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