10 Timeless Children's Wallpapers They'll Never Want to Take Down!

Beautiful wallpapers for your children that they will be able to live with for a long time! These wallpapers are so sophisticated yet suitable for children and teens, designed to last a lifetime in your interiors with no need to change the wallpaper as your children age. When designing with typical children's motifs, such as Disney imagery or classic children's icons (butterflies or animals), your child may quickly get tired of these styles as their tastes change and these icons become "uncool."

Walls Republic offers a wide range of timeless styles for children that they will love both as kids and teens without the need for constant redesign making it best of all a valuable feature in their space. You will never need to reimagine their walls! However, should you choose to remove the wallpaper our paste the wall paper is as easy as ever. Just peel the corner and it all comes off in one piece, hassle free.

Our 10 favourite styles have qualities to appeal to any personality from soft romantic damasks to bold geometries and colours, there are so many unconventional sophisticated and inspiring wallpapers for a child's space. They are also wallpapers that can be a great addition to other spaces within your home for creating sophistication.




Pink Ornamental Children's Damask Wallpaper R2058


This pink damask wallpaper can be a soft, romantic and elegant touch in a children's space with calming effects. They layering and texture bring out a richness and depth that is not found in wallpapers with classic kids motifs. This medium scale damask pattern layered with fine lace detailing will bring a warm atmosphere to your child's space with a delicate touch.



Black and White Dogstooth Classic Children's Wallpaper R2542


Houndstooth is classic in any interior and can have a long lifespan in a children's or teen's space having a neutral feel yet containing bold patterning and geometry. As children grow this pattern can grow with them simply by changing the accessories or furnishings to create an entirely new look that enhances the wallpaper in new ways. The neutral scheme allows you to play with bold colours in some of the finer details while keeping the bones and structure of the space timeless, intriguing, and fashionable.



Crimson Spotted Children's Wallpaper R2234


Bold colours used as a feature wall, in order to not overwhelm the entire space, can also be a timeless option when done in a simple patterning. This Spotted pattern is playful, energetic, and simple in a bold stimulating colour with glittered details great for evoking a sense of play in children.




Lilac Damask Romantic Children's Wallpaper R2064


Lilac Damask is a combination of large scaled overlapping damask motifs. With luxurious metallic contrast it will create highly captivating and enchanting spaces for children and teens alike. The colours are soft and calming great for a children's space of rest and relaxation.




Gold Cluster Children's Outer Space Wallpaper R2222


Gold Cluster has both a playfulness and high sense of sophistication in a neutral colour with gold line work for a shimmering effect. The geometries give off a galaxy outer space feeling perfect for children but also something refined and elegant that you could use in other spaces of the home. This pattern is also available in red, orange, and blue for a bolder colourful look.




Light Grey Limitless Striped Children's Wallpaper R2530


Grey Chevron Striped Kid's Wallpaper R2554


A classic stripe or chevron stripe in a neutral is the perfect staple in a child's room that can be paired with more vibrant accessories. This making it easier to change the scheme later while maintaining good 'bones' and basis to work from when re-evaluating the overall scheme. With the larger scheme including the wallpaper already in place it is easy to build on the direction for a refreshed scheme with new details while keeping essentially the same structure.




Turquoise Evolve Wallpaper for Kids R2537


Unique colours are more intriguing than primaries for children and you - and therefore they will last longer as well as they are more dynamic and rich - very primary shades of colours can feel very juvenile and child-like and lack a certain spectral richness / complex colour composition to make the colour truly rich and unmatched.




Green Billows Dreamy Kid’s Home Wallpaper R2230


Muted colour schemes with subtle injections of vibrant colour can be calming and rich with depth to create an intriguing interior. This geometric abstract patterning can be interpreted by children and teens in many different ways to foster creativity and imagination simply  by using patterning that veers away from the typical icons and motifs that are viewed for exactly what they represent.




Powder Blue Hexagonal Kid’s Home Wallpaper R2251


Hexagonal is a large scaled highly dynamic overlapping geometric wallpaper great for children with its bold use of colour and playful illusionistic style. It adds a strong graphic gesture and a refreshing vibe with its networked patterning.




Floral Medallion White and Green Kid’s Floral Home Wallpaper R1902


Floral Medallion has a youthful feeling with the simple floral form and bright colouring. The stippled flowers are light and airy for a carefree playful space. The papers in these collections are not exclusive to children and can also be a great addition to many other spaces in your home such as living spaces and dining spaces or can be great used for feature walls.


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