10 Contemporary Retro Wallpapers for a Striking Feature

Contemporary retro wallpapers are a great way to add an authentic vintage feel to your interiors with bold graphic patterning and unique colour schemes. Retro style wallpaper can encompass many different patterns from luxurious florals to 1970's kitsch and have been updated for 2014 with refined colours and patterning making them a cutting edge trend for interior design. These retro wallpapers are truly transformative and add a fun vibrancy to your interiors.




Ochre Ripple is a fun and playful wallpaper with vivid colours and a strong graphic impact. It mixes retro colours in a contemporary simplified floral pattern of overlapping motifs. It can be great for a child's space or a welcoming bright addition to an entryway or dining room. If bold colours are not for you, Ripple is also available in both bold orange and more muted shades with purple and brown tones for a big impact.




Expression Beige Newsprint Contemporary Retro Wallpaper R1392


For a vintage look that is neutral and has less bold patterning, Expression is a good choice. The small scale dense patterning gives it a textural look from a distance while being highly detailed upon getting a closer look. It can be used throughout an entire space or as a feature wall to add detail and depth.




Script Retro Vintage Wall Mural M8396


For a similar retro look, Script looks back to the days of writing with a fountain pen. It is a wall mural collage combining handwriting and images of the nibs used for writing. It will transport you back in time creating a casual vintage look in your interiors.




Adeline Duck Egg Contemporary Floral Retro Wallpaper R1872

Adeline is a floral damask pattern with a shimmering neutral backdrop. The pale colour is casual and calming bringing a vintage vibe to your spaces. It is a casually elegant addition that is great for a living room or hallway.




Yellow Dwell Vintage Bird Wallpaper R2318


Dwell is an Asian bird pattern with branch, leaf, and bird imagery. With a subtle metallic sheen and painted quality it will add the perfect vintage touch to your entryways, hallways, and living rooms. In a range of bold to subtle colours Dwell can create a stunning feature in your home. Check out Dwell featured in House & Home Magazine's wallpaper transformation within a Toronto residence for some inspiration on how to design with Yellow Dwell




Signal Black and White Retro Wall Mural M9057

Signal is a great contemporary way to give off a retro vibe. Digital murals are right on trend with contemporary design styles and add a one-of-a-kind touch to your interiors. This print is a good neutral accompanying wallpaper as a backdrop for bold and bright colours to create a really striking effect. Its line work will certainly add a sense of movement and excitement in your space.




Leaves Retro Wall Mural M8141


Geometry and nature are fused together in this denim blue wall mural. Retro geometries interjected with organic leaves make this tone on tone wallpaper a great feature in a living room or home office with a unique sense of movement and directionality.




Bicycles Contemporary Whimsical Wall Mural M8731


Bicycles is a fun, playful, and whimsical wallpaper option for a child's space or living room with motifs of abstracted bicycles. It has a casual light vibrancy with a loose sketched aesthetic. Add a sense of play and carefreeness to your interiors with this retro wall mural in blue and red.



Arrow Retro Wall Mural M8467

Arrow creates a heightened sense of movement with flowing line work and a composition of geometric forms. This wall mural in a retro colour scheme of oranges, reds, and browns will bring modernism straight to your interiors.



On the Road Retro Wall Mural M8758

For a bright gallery look On the Road is a fun retro wall mural option. It has the look of a large scale art piece with its painted and collaged quality. It will add a playful and whimsical element that brings the vibrancy of an old diner with its bold bright colours and images.



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