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Why YOU Should Use Commercial Wallpaper

Posted on March 12 2019

Why YOU Should Use Commercial Wallpaper

Thinking about slapping a few layers of paint on the walls of your commercial space! STOP! While paint is an easy way to add color to the room, we're here to tell you why you should use commercial wallpaper instead. It's not your typical regular wallpaper, that’s for sure. Read on and find out how commercial wallpaper can benefit your specific commercial space!


Commercial Wallpaper for Restaurants, Healthcare, Salons and Spas

Restaurants, healthcare centers, and salons/spas all have one thing in common: they must provide and maintain a safe, clean environment for their visitors. You might be surprised to find out that wallpaper can actually help with this. Many of our commercial wallpaper products feature surfaces that have been treated with a layer of Bio-Pruf, which is a specialized treatment covering the entire surface of the commercial wallpaper. It fights against bacteria and mold growth, meaning it's just one less thing to worry about!

For restaurants, healthcare, salons and spas, you'll want to put more emphasis in choosing the right commercial wallpaper color for your space. Think of how color can be used to accentuate the environment and other items in it.



Commercial Wallpaper for Corporate/Business, and Education

Who says your environment needs to be stylish or professional? One great feature about commercial wallpaper is that it's the perfect blend of both. While commercial wallpaper style categories are more limited when compared to residential wallpaper, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on its looks. For commercial spaces such as corporate/business and education, it's important to create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing workspace that isn't distracting.

When decorating corporate, business, or educational settings, we recommend checking out textures commercial wallpaper and geometric commercial wallpaper. Both of these commercial wallpaper style categories offer an on-trend look while maintaining a clean-cut, professional appeal.



Commercial Wallpaper for Senior Living, Hotels, Condos, and Other Accommodations

From senior living homes to other accommodations, like hotels and condos, commercial wallpaper can make all the difference. It can turn a dull, uninspired space into a welcoming oasis, transforming and unifying the environment. Compared to residential wallpaper, commercial wallpaper is thicker, providing additional bulk against day-to-day activities. Scrapes and dents are less of a problem, and its washability and scrubbability allows for easy maintenance.



For senior living and other accommodations, we recommend starting off with neutral commercial wallpaper as they're the most versatile and flexible of colors. Brown, beige, and white are some examples. If you want your commercial wallpaper to have a larger impact on the interior design, consider bolder colors such as yellow, blue, and orange. These add a lot of personality to the space!


Commercial Wallpaper Is Truly Versatile!

Creating an interior design that your visitors will remember can be done by using commercial wallpaper. These durable wall décor products not only add an on-trend look to your commercial space, but it’s a budget-friendly alternative that lasts much longer than paint. What types of wallpaper do YOU look for when decorating your commercial space? Is color or pattern more important to you? Let us know in the comments below and on social media (don't forget to tag us!).



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