Wallpaper VS. Wall Murals

While we're all probably familiar with wallpaper, wall murals is a decor item that you might not be familiar with. In this guide, we go through the difference between wallpaper and wall murals! 



Wallpapers vs. Wall Murals
-Embossed or surface prints - Digital prints from high quality photography
-Non-Customizable -Customization available and can use any high quality image or revise an existing style to fit the needs of your space
-Used either as a feature wall, all over a space, or both together with complementary papers -Less repetitive or larger repeats
-Depth created through 2-dimensional prints and textures -Depth created through 3-dimensional photography
-Mass produced patterns made in large quantities -Individually produced and printed like a piece of artwork
-Sold by the double roll (at Walls Republic) or the single roll (other manufacturers) -Sold by panels


Swill Cool Grey Wallpaper R1388

Concrete Band Wall Mural M8947



Production Methods & Manufacturing

Wallpapers are typically surface prints or embossed papers with texture, pattern, and colour and are a traditional type of wallcovering. A wall mural on the other hand is a new type of wallcovering developed with the advances in technology. Wall murals are digital prints created using high quality photography and imagery that can be blown up, scaled down, and customized to the individualized requirements of a space.


Crystalize Purple Gemstone Wall Mural M8941


Wallpapers are more standardized and cannot be modified in their patterns, scale, or colour but one pattern will come in multiple colourways to suit a variety of different design schemes. There is a really highly detailed and unique texture and depth with wall murals as a result of digital printing that is highly captivating and engaging, drawing in the viewer. Many residential patterns of wallpaper are stocked products as they are made in large quantities and can therefore have a faster turn over time. Wallpapers are sold by the double roll (bolt) at Walls Republic or by the single roll at other suppliers. Wall murals come in panels and are sold by a set multiple of panels to create the complete image.



Plush Byzantium Damask Wallpaper R1042



Application & Use

Just as different wallpapers are appropriate in different settings, the same goes for deciding between using wallpaper or a wall mural. Create a scheme and decide what the space needs to project the aesthetic you desire. Smaller wallpaper prints or murals with small scale imagery such as tiles will be easier to work with in a small space where a large scale wall mural could be overwhelming and overbearing in the space. Wall murals are great in larger or long corridor spaces when accessories and furnishings are kept minimal and simple as to not create clutter and distraction.


Sand Checkered Faux Tile Wallpaper M8827


A wall mural is a piece of art in and of itself and if there are too many elements competing for attention the space will just end up looking chaotic and confused. Tile wall murals can also be the perfect transition between traditional and contemporary. They can complement a traditional space with their classic historic tiled patterns, while being very contemporary as a result of their materiality and digital quality.


C6241 Medallion Patterned Commercial Wallcovering


Wall murals are also great in both commercial and residential settings and can have a really big impact in a commercial setting in comparison to the more simplistic commercial wallcovering options. Wall murals create a huge impact and could instantly captivate and catch the attention of anyone in a commercial setting such as an office reception or hotel lobby. They bring more depth, tonality, and visual engagement than some of the more typical and traditional commercial patterns. Typical commercial wallcoverings will make a great compliment to the bold mural patterns working harmoniously together to create a durable, impactful, eye-catching scheme.


Leaf Veins Contemporary Wall Mural for Residential and Commercial Spaces M8959


Most wall murals are typically used just as a feature wall as most would be too overpowering if used throughout an entire space. Murals can be complimented with a variety of other more textural or smaller patterned residential and commercial wallpapers. Wallpaper is easier to use throughout an entire space but can also be used as a feature wall with complimentary wallpapers. Choosing wallpaper over a mural may also give you the ability to play more with smaller details and accessories that may be too overwhelming when paired with a large scale wall mural.  


Pattern, Depth, Realism, and Detail


Bistre Lumber Faux Wood Wallpaper R2347


Ochre Peeled Wood Plank Wall Mural M8924


Wallpaper generally offers a more overall symmetrical look whereas a mural is more unique and varied across its surface. Wallpaper features patterns which repeat every so often, and murals are digital photographic images with less symmetry and much larger repeats. There are also many murals that are similar to wallpaper in that they have more repetitive schemes but are printed digitally to give you the high quality detail and customization offered by a mural. Wallpaper and murals give off entirely different looks. While wallpaper helps create dimension and depth in a space, murals go a step beyond adding much more depth and illusion that can trick one's perception. Murals also give that extra bit of non-repetitive detail whereas wallpaper gives a more overall and repetitive impression for a more uniform appearance.


Wall Murals Produced Similarly to Wallpaper:


Marble Cubes Faux Finish Wall Mural M8977

Ivory Scallop Faux Tile Wall Mural M8840


Perception of Depth & Texture: Wall Mural vs. Residential Wallpaper


Bronze Leather Wall Mural M8920

Grey Geometric Wallpaper R2245


Both wallpaper and wall murals are a great option for creating visual interest, depth, texture, and colour within an interior. Coming to a decision about what style works best for you will depend on the scheme and overall ambiance you are looking to create. Both have their own benefits and no matter what you end up choosing the statement you create will be matchless and incredibly impactful!


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