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Wallpaper Styles That Add Character To Home

Posted on October 12 2017

Wallpaper Styles That Add Character To Home

Black Floral Paper Yarn R3245


From contemporary to traditional, geometric to damask, wallpaper designs can transform your entire space. Whether you’re working with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, powder room, or office, here are some trendy wallpaper styles that add character to your home!



Table of Contents:


1) Cheerful – Light – Natural Wallpaper Ideas

If you want to increase the energy in your room, why not choose wallpapers that feature a playful pattern or colours that are bright and welcoming?

Featuring a collection of different colours that catch the eye, Classic Bird Of Nature White And Green Wallpaper adds a touch of wildlife to your living space. The white background makes the striking colours pop out even more. This perfect amount of negative space showcases the pattern’s beautiful details while not being too overwhelming.

An excellent area to put this wallpaper up is in the foyer or hallway to make an immediate visual impact. Visitors entering the room will be in a good mood immediately as they are greeted with a tropical feast for the eyes!


Classic Bird Of Nature White And Green Wallpaper R4175


Looking for a simpler wallpaper pattern that still maintains the cheerful and natural look? Gold Cluster is an intricately designed floral wallpaper in light beige and warm brown colours. Used in a living room in the image below, the wallpaper is versatile in both its design and colour.

With metallic embellishments that catch the light, this wallpaper also has a shimmer effect that is pleasing to the eye. It’s an easy way to boost the radiance of a room.


Gold Cluster R2222

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2) Contemporary – Rustic – Casual Wallpaper Ideas

Aiming to transform your space to a more contemporary look? These two wallpapers below maintain a rustic feel that makes any interior trendy.

Brushed Wood Blue is a faux finish wallpaper featuring aged wood, perfect for creating an upscale yet casual look for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Adding a rustic character to your room, this pattern features a multi-coloured horizontal design.


Brushed Wood Blue R1878


For a bold black and white design, Black Checkered is a geometric wallpaper that also has an aged look for an additional visual appeal. Mixing the best of both contemporary and aged design treatments, the wallpaper is perfect for those who are looking to choose a simpler pattern while maintaining a tiled look that is highly realistic.

Use this wallpaper in the kitchen or hallway to create an atmosphere that is both modern and edgy in character.


Black Checkered M8826


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3) Artistic – Evocative – Timeless Wallpaper Ideas

For a classic, elegant look that will add an artistic element to your interior design, these two wallpapers are sure to start a conversation.

Art history buffs will probably recognize this wallpaper pattern straight away since Grey Blossoming Almond Trees is based on Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, Almond Blossom. Available in a variety of different colours, the example below shows the gorgeous grey and white version.

Whether the design is used in a bedroom, living room, or office space, this pattern adds an element of glamour and intrigue to your interior.


Grey Blossoming Almond Trees R5000


Most of us remember making a collage in art class but how about a collage for your walls? Everything Will Be OK Collage features an array of different images, ranging from inspirational quotes to landscape photography to portraits.

Featured below in a bathroom, this wallpaper pattern is a visual treasure trove, perfect for those who want a very diverse and captivating design.


Everything Will Be OK Collage M9238


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4) Sophisticated – Romantic - Chic Wallpaper Ideas

Looking for a romantic, chic look? The designs below are perfect for those who prefer darker colours on their walls.

Byzantium Sanctity features a highly detailed damask design that adds an air of sophistication to your living space. Shown below in a deep purple colour, this wallpaper can be used in a variety of spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways.


Byzantium Sanctity R3226


With a textured paper surface, Black Floral Paper Yarn is a luxurious wallpaper design that will add a sense of elegance to your interior. This black and beige wallpaper features an interweaving pattern of birdcages and floral imagery.

Perfect for using on a feature or accent wall, this complex design is an excellent choice for creating a classy bedroom and living room atmosphere.


Black Floral Paper Yarn R3245


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Wallpaper Adds Character To Your Home!

Wallpaper colour and design are aspects that can change the atmosphere in a room dramatically. An upscale, modern living room; a classy and artistic aesthetic for the living room; a bright and playful bedroom atmosphere – choosing the right wallpaper to set the mood is important for adding character to your home.

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