Wall Art: Creative Ways to Transform Your Space

You probably know that wall art offers an extremely cost-efficient and creative way to add a personal touch to a home or office. What you probably do not know, though, is that haphazardly donned wallscapes will easily break your hard decorating work rather than produce top-notch impressions.


Rose Damask R2068


For this reason, you should be very careful and selective with colors, prints, and textures you intend to display in your space – and here are a few tips on how to visually spice up your living area like a true Michelangelo of wall art.


Personality at play: Accent walls



Accent walls are the easiest trick to break up visual monotony in a monochromatic or minimalist décor. Based on the overall color scheme, you can paint one wall in a catchy accent hue or use wallpapers with a chic print to create a focal point in the room. Vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, red, lilac, indigo, and lime are instant attention-grabbers, and they will not compromise the visual unity of an all-out neutral, earthy, or pastel backdrop. Or, you can take the wallscape game up a notch and execute an innovative paint number on window frames, or custom blinds and shades to achieve an eye-catching effect and brighten up the room.


A canvas for your inner artist: Arty panels


Warm Grey Birch Bark R2578


Styrofoam and cork panels are a ready canvas for wall-borne artistic expressions starring photos, drawings, love notes, and typography art. For an imaginative wall art twist, put wooden frames on oversized panels covered with wallpapers showcasing an unusual pattern, or attach printed fabric to the walls using liquid starch (this is especially convenient if you are a renter as fabrics peel off easily and liquid starch leaves minimal stains). If you feel fed up with a monochromatic wall, you can apply wallpapers with a faux brick, wood, or concrete print before you let your inner artist have a go at the finishing wall art touches.


Zoom in on the positives: Focal wallscape point


Brown Triad C7007


Papier-mache letters and objects are an ideal source of 3D wall-based motivation, and you can make them on your own with basic stationery supplies such as cardboard, glue, paint, and scissors. Or, you can create awe-inspiring string art to hang up in a vacant corner of the room: all you need is a pack of linoleum nails, multicolored embroidery floss, a few rolls of cork, Velcro strips, and a hot glue gun. 3D wall art will turn a blank wall into the central point in the room in a matter of hours, and it is also extremely inexpensive and fun to make.


A flair for aesthetics: Gallery walls


Vintage World Map M9172


If you are a graphic art aficionado, use your treasured collection to liven up the room ambiance. A gallery wall will add character to your space, and creative gratification en route to the wall update is guaranteed. When choosing masterpieces to display in the living room or library, stick to the principle of eclecticism and experiment with black-and-white pics, ethnic prints, artwork replicas, modernist geometric wallpapers, and similar pieces of wall art.


Spice up the indoor vibe: Customized murals


Arrowroot Off-white Grasscloth R1985


Or, try adding an authentic vibe to the bedroom by using custom wallpaper murals. Wallpapered murals increase the room’s visual value and add personality to your private quarters, and thanks to 21st-century printing technology, there is no limit in the imagery you can paste to your walls. On top of that, you can opt for eco-friendly wallpaper materials such as grasscloth, and choose a finish that complements the décor style best. A cool mural with a matte or embossed finish will instantly transform your room into an inspiring pic off magazine covers, and the cost of such a custom wallscape is definitely a small price to pay for utter décor eye-candy.

You only live once, so why spend your time on Earth trapped between dull walls if you can have sheer artistic bliss?


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Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own space.


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