Top 5 Reasons to Wallpaper Instead of Paint

Are you looking to redecorate your room? Why not start with your walls to create the perfect atmosphere. If you’re debating whether to paint your room or put up some wallpaper, we’ve got the top 5 reasons why you should choose to wallpaper instead.

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The #5 reason to choose wallpaper instead of paint: Wallpaper Is Durable and Easy to Clean

If you’re looking for something that will last longer than paint and be more cost-efficient in the long run, wallpaper is a great choice. Wallpaper won’t get dented or chipped like paint, so don’t worry if you accidentally bump into it while moving some furniture around. This also means no touch-ups and no other hidden costs down the road.

Wallpaper is also extremely easy to clean. You can use household items that you already have to clean scrubbable wallpapers, such as a sponge (just make sure it’s not too abrasive). There’s no need to purchase any fancy cleaning solution either – get some water and add a small amount of mild detergent.



This best-selling Blossoming Almond Trees wallpaper, shown above in a rich turquoise colour, is an example of fully scrubbable wallpaper that has been used in the bedroom. Easy upkeep with a stunning design means you get the best of both worlds.


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The #4 reason to choose wallpaper instead of paint: Wallpapers Are Available In Different Materials

Grasscloths, beaded glass, metallic, and more – not only do wallpapers come in different styles but materials as well. Grasscloths are available in intriguing, funky designs and more classic, traditional patterns. Beaded glass and metallic wallpapers add a gorgeous shimmer to a room. In addition, wallpapers can be highly textured, giving the wall a sense of dimension and character. With raised surfaces that are intricately designed, wallpapers have another visual and textile edge over paint.



This luxurious Charcoal Woven grasscloth wallpaper features tightly woven sisal for a classic, high end look with elegant colors and texture.  Featured in the image above in charcoal, this wallpaper would bring touch of sophistication to your living room or bedroom.

Looking for something more contemporary? Vista Grasscloth Collection has a contemporary metallic shine in barbac material to create a look similar to bamboo that gives any room a luxurious, natural look. The slightly rustic coloration and heavy texture creates an interesting panelled effect, making this an excellent living room or hallway wallpaper.

For an office or creative space, try a dry erase wallpaper. You can write using markers and erase everything when you’re done on this commercial grade, high-gloss surface. Who knew wallpaper could be so functional and diverse?


High Gloss Dry Erase Wallpaper


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The #3 reason to choose wallpaper instead of paint: Custom Murals

If you haven’t found the perfect wallpaper for your room, why not consider a custom mural? These made-to-order wallpapers are ideal for those who want to create a completely original interior design that is unique to them. Whether you want to order a completely new wallpaper image or get an existing one in a custom size for your walls, custom murals adds a “wow” factor to any space.




Similar to a painted mural, these custom murals allow you to get a highly detailed image but at a fraction of the time that painted works would normally take. Paper Flowers Wallpaper Mural Red and White features a wall of flowers in bold colors that is sure to dramatize any space. With a high contrast between the red and white flower blossoms, this design features a watercolor aesthetic that gives it an artistic, creative feel, bringing the nature into your living space.

For those who are searching for more minimalist designs, Rose Gold Geometric Metal Mural Wallpaper features a geometric design that uses angled linework to form triangles of varying sizes that are connected in a warped pattern. The coloring of this mural gives the effect of metal that has a highly reflective and metallic look. Use it on a large feature wall in your living room or commercial spaces to create a more classical and sophisticated feel.

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The #2 reason to choose wallpaper instead of paint: Improved Wallpaper Technology

If the word “wallpaper” conjures up images of applying messy glue to paper and hours of scraping to remove it from your walls, banish the thought. You’d be surprised to hear just how far wallpaper technology has come.

Paste the wall wallpapers are easier and faster to apply than regular wallpaper. You’re applying the paste directly to the wall so it’s less messy than applying it to the paper. The wallpaper goes directly onto the wall after that. When it comes time to remove your wallpaper, all you have to do is peel off a corner and strip it right off the wall.

The application of wallpaper is also more time efficient. With paint, you would need to apply several coats and to make sure that the colour application is completely even throughout the process. With wallpaper, you skip this hassle.




Green & Gold Bohemian Metallic Triangles Wallpaper, a modern geometric wallpaper uses crisp metallic line work to create a bold triangular pattern. The painted brush strokes in the background give this wallpaper artistic depth, making it a great contemporary style living wallpaper. Navy Blue Tropical Paradise will transport your to a tropical paradise with its contemporary jungle themed. In between the thick vegetation, different species of birds, from bold cockatoos to beautifully dainty hummingbirds, perch atop large tropical leaves that add an element of character to any space. Whether it's a living room, kitchen, hallway, or foyer, wallpaper has never been simpler to install.




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The #1 reason to choose wallpaper instead of paint: Visual Appeal

On an aesthetic level, wallpaper can do so much more than regular paint. Whether you want to use wallpaper to show off your creative side, keep up with the latest interior design trends for your living room, or set the mood for your bedroom, wallpapers add a timeless element of character and imagination to a space.

With paint, the perfect colour you’ve chosen for your powder room or home office might not always match what’s mixed inside the can. With wallpaper, what you see on the roll is what you get. Wallpaper can be the perfect creative addition to your interior design. Whether you want to create a bold, dramatic statement with an elegant damask pattern or go for a more rustic, contemporary pattern like brick or concrete, different wallpaper designs can change the entire look of your room.

There are many different wallpaper categories that are sure to appeal to your tastes - geometric, floral, abstract, textured, faux finishes, and much more!




Blue Damask Abstract Wallpaper takes the historical and iconic damask pattern and updates it for the modern era! While traditional damask imagery features intricate details, this one is done with a watercolor aesthetic, emphasizing color usage which gives it a more abstract look creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. This sophisticated damask is sure to be a conversation starter. On the other hand, are you looking for something more modern? Dreamy Vintage Birds & Floral Wallpaper is great for adding a nature feel to a room. This statement floral wallpaper features birds perched on branches of blooming flowers and foliage with elegant cranes flying in between. The bold colors and high contrast make this pattern perfect to use as a dreamy master bedroom wallpaper or glamorous powder room wallpaper. 

If you’re still unsure about wallpapering your room, don’t be. Durable and cost-effective, simple to apply and remove, and aesthetically pleasing, wallpapering is the obvious choice for those who want to create a distinctive design for their interior.

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