The Secrets of Designing a Bold Feature Wall to Spark Conversation

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Feature walls have become a popular trend in interior design in order to add a bold, dramatic accent to any space, and there are numerous feature wall wallpapers available to help you achieve this look. When deciding to create a feature wall, there are many design elements to consider; including location, pattern, scale, texture, and colour.


Selecting Your Feature Wall

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When selecting which wall to make your feature, it is crucial to first define what is important in the space. A feature wall can help draw focus in a room that lacks a clear focal point. You can use your feature wall wallpaper to highlight an interesting architectural feature such as a fireplace, or you can design a feature wall that highlights and draws attention to a unique furnishing or interior detail. Creating a  feature wall behind a bed or a couch in the living room can create an intriguing feature wall design. However, walls broken up by window openings could diminish the impact of a feature wall design as you may not get the full effect of the pattern. Once you define a focal point within your space you can begin to select suitable patterns, colours, and textures.


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Adding Pattern, Textures, and Scale

Putting up a feature wall wallpaper provides a great opportunity for playing with daring patterns, textures, and scales that you may not want to feature throughout an entire space. To create a dramatic statement you can try working with a large pattern, bold colour, or both. For instance, you can try a bold medallion pattern paired with a small textural pattern for the rest of the space. Varying scales of wallpaper can help to achieve a cohesive and refined space.

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Using a small scaled pattern throughout the entire space and coordinating large scale wallpaper on your feature wall, as seen with Sanctity, can help you achieve the right balance in your space and make your feature wall really pop. Textured wallpaper adds another level of depth and dimension to your feature wall.


Colour and Metallics

Feature walls also create an occasion to introduce a bold colour into the space that can then be subtly integrated into other spaces in your interior or you can play up an existing accent colour within your space. It gives you a chance to use brighter colours without overwhelming the entire space.  

While bold colours and patterning may not appeal to everyone's design style, to create a softer wallpaper feature look you can opt for a paper with a unique metallic sheen and play with varying tones and harmonizing matte wallpapers.


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Use a contrasting tone from your main wall to allow your feature to be the main focus. Metallic luxury feature wallpapers are a popular design trend and will create highly captivating, light reflecting, sophisticated interiors.

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