The [not so secret] Power of Designing Your Home with Wallpaper

Years ago, you may have looked at wallpaper and considered it a long gone trend of the past. However, today wallpaper has taken over once again. Designing with wallpaper is trendy once again!


Walls Republic | Black & White Lattice Contemporary Wallpaper in a Bathroom R2548


It is a trend popping up in all the latest interior design projects and magazines. As all trends that resurface, the latest wallpaper trends go far beyond the styles we've seen in the past, bringing new techniques and a plethora of colours and styles. If you're redesigning your home or planning a new living room design or a new dining room design, wallpaper can create the edge and focus your interior craves.


Hang your samples on the wall to get a feel for how they look in all types of lighting - including natural lighting and artificial lighting.


While in the past you may have sworn you would never touch wallpaper ever again, new styles and new technologies will make you fall in love with wallpaper all over again. The truth is wallpaper makes a big statement and says, "I have style, taste, and a good sense of design". Once you've explored all the new wallpaper trends, you will be coming up with numerous wallpaper design projects.

Navigating today's wallpaper scene is more than just about delicate floral wallpaper. Here you can find a guide to some of the most popular home wallpaper design trends and the latest trends in interior design.




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Contemporary home wallpaper encompasses a wide range of trends and wallpaper styles. These include wallpaper murals, floral wallpaper, geometric wallpaper, faux finish wallpaper, and abstract wallpaper. Contemporary wallpaper says, "I'm a leader in design and ahead with all the latest design trends." It sends off a high fashion and luxury interior design image - even in budget friendly projects.

Faux finish wallpapers are one major wallpaper trend with a range of styles, including faux animal wallpaper, faux leather wallpaper, and faux wood wallpaper.

The strong and graphic geometric home wallpaper trend can help create a sense of balance and symmetry in any interior. Trellis wallpaper, striped wallpaper, and illusionistic 3-dimensional wallpaper define this trend.


Walls Republic | Hong Kong Overview Contemporary Mural M9151


Wallpaper murals are the latest craze and allow complete customization. Digital murals are perfect feature walls - and it only takes one big gesture to create a bold and powerful design.

While contemporary wallpaper will help create and enhance contemporary interior design schemes, it is important to consider the space you are working with and the existing elements in the space and your home design as a whole. Ask yourself, "What is the existing style of my home? Is it contemporary interior design? Is it modern interior design? Or classic interior design?" "What other design elements already exist within the space?", and "What colours can be found within the existing interior design style of my home?"


Walls Republic | Grey Geometric Contemporary Wallpaper in a Laundry Room R2245


While many elements of modern design are apparent in the contemporary design of today, modern home wallpaper design is different than contemporary home wallpaper styles and is reflective of the modern era featuring clean lines, unadorned interiors, and natural materials.


Walls Republic | Marsala Running Brick Contemporary Wallpaper

Walls Republic | Turquoise Evolve Contemporary Wallpaper R2537




Walls Republic | Beige Weathered Damask Classic Wallpaper in a Living Room R3011


The old is new again with classic and floral home wallpaper designs that are given contemporary updates to seamlessly fit into both contemporary interior design and traditional interiors. What was in style in the past still remains popular today and what you thought you would never see again has been given new meaning and context. Think back to the traditional wallpaper of the past. Remember how one-dimensional and simple those styles were in colour, pattern, and texture? The classic home wallpaper you are now seeing all over comes in the form of metallic wallpaper, graphic wallpaper, or wallpaper murals and more.


Walls Republic | Duck Egg Gardens Classic Wallpaper in a Dining Room R3015


Want to create that vintage or rustic interior design scheme you are seeing all over in magazines and online? Damask wallpaper, floral wallpaper, and trellis wallpaper in their updated styles can enhance your vintage interior design and is currently a highly popular design trend.


Walls Republic | Plum Weathered Damask Classic Natural Linen Textile Wallpaper R3012

Walls Republic | Plum Honorary Stripe Classic Linen Natural Textile Wallpaper R3026

Walls Republic | Ecru Decorative Floral Traditional Wallpaper R2682


How many times have you walked into someone's house or been browsing Pinterest and thought you could never achieve that same stylish interior design in your own home? With the simple addition of home wallpaper to help you create a layered scheme, now you too can begin to achieve these same trendy wallpaper design looks and interior design trends in your own home.


Walls Republic | Black & White Lattice Contemporary Wallpaper in a Bathroom R2548


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