The Deluxe Guide to Designing with Damask Wallpaper

Damask is the name and boldness is the game. Were giving you all the details on one of the hottest wallpaper trends to ever exist. By the end of this deluxe guide you will be a pro on designing with fashionable floral damask wallpaper!




Elegant Silver Damask Wallpaper R1559  


Damasks are more than just a blast from the past; this versatile pattern is still completely relevant today in various styles, scales, and colors. Damask wallpapers are known for their detailed and decorative botanical and animal patterns with an ultimately unforgettable presence.


Traditional Metallic Alternating Damask Blue and Orange Wallpaper R3982


This historically timeless textile pattern has been featured on walls through the decades and has never been any less fashionable. If you’re looking to add a strong or even a subtle finish of fresh floral, you wont regret the transformative powers of designer damask wallpaper patterns.




Shimmery rich red linen damask wallpaper R3212  


Here is a which breakdown on all the unique properties that Damask wallpaper can bring into your bedrooms or living rooms. Don’t you wish you had the age-defying properties of damask? I mean how has this traditional wallpaper pattern lived this long? What makes Damask so special and desirable for new design schemes in contemporary homes?



Large Scale Pattern Damask Wallpaper


Grey Damask R2065


A large scale pattern is one of the most classic and prominent features of damask wallpaper. The bigger the pattern, the bolder the design. When designing with oversized and dynamic scaled patterns, it is important to consider the space you are applying the wallpaper to.


Plush Byzantium SR1042


Large scale damasks are generally more successful in brighter more open rooms. This avoids the mishap of overcrowding your space and making it look busy or even messy. With all the floral intricacies, damask wallpaper can be a really powerful force in a grander scale. Large scale patterned damasks show off big personality and character and are truly captivating at first glace. You can really appreciate the interlacing details from afar. So go on and go big!


Small Scale Pattern Damask Wallpaper


Black Flamboyant S43741  


Small scale pattern wallpaper might not be big and bold but they are just as effective in power and personality. Small scale damask wallpaper adds a beautifully designed texture that really pays attention to detail. A minuscule damask pattern is great for styling up a tiny apartment to be as cozy as can be. If you’re looking to add a subtle wash of color with the ambiance of the finest florals, a small scale damask wallpaper is your new best friend!


Powder Blue Ornamental R2057


Can’t decide on which size you like best? Try mixing it up a large scale and a small scale damask print. Choosing colors of the same hue in complimenting schemes adds new specific focus to different areas in your space.


Ivory Linen Damask R3210 and Ivory Fleur R3228    




There are two prominent styles of patterns when classifying designer damask wallpaper. Here are a few tips on how to classify the uniquely distinct characteristics of damask wallpaper:


Traditional Damask Wallpaper


Cool Grey Grandiose Damask Wallpaper R3216  


Traditional damask patterns date back to the middle ages and incorporated a natural fusion of floral and animal motifs. Flowers, leaves, tiny animals like birds. They really looked to nature back then. Classic damask wallpapers come in luxurious and regal designs with large medallions and fancy swirls and curls. Traditional wallpapers follow the style of the elegantly ornamented interiors of the renaissance.


Contemporary Damask Wallpaper


Contrasting combination of solid and void pattern in this contemporary damask in black and white.  


Contemporary damask wallpapers tell a whole different story. Contemporary damask patterns translate the intricate forms of the ever-popular damask medallion and strips down the detail for a less ornamental look. The wisps and whirls become simplified into smooth curves or clean outlines of a transitional look.


Serenity Blue and Orange R1371


The most recent take on the contemporary damask wallpaper is this gorgeous rendition of the classic medallion in a cozy and rustic way. This idea for damask wallpaper features a faded damask pattern printed on a lovely wooden background. For a boost of bold texture with the elegance of a damask, this contemporary alternative is an exciting new addition to the damask wallpaper family.




Stand-out mauve medallion linen damask wallpaper  


Damasks come in a wild range of colors from the deepest of reds to the palest of blues. But what kind of beneficial effects can you achieve in your living room or bedroom by using different color schemes? Here are two contrasting examples of damask wallpaper color schemes for the lifestyles of the adventurous and the tame.


Tone-on-Tone Damask Wallpaper


Play with light using a traditional tone-on-tone damask wallpaper  


Damask wallpapers were originally designed in one tone. The focus of this color scheme is the richly embossed pattern that adds subtle texture to flat walls. The monochromatic tone creates superb depth in shade and shadow that add another bonus quality to a seemingly simple damask wallpaper style.


Bold and Contrasting Damask Wallpaper


Gold overlapping and interlacing damask wallpaper on a bold black background  


On the flip side, bold and contrasting damask wallpaper is great for those who aren't afraid of color. This color scheme often uses a mix of light and dark hues for added drama that really makes the pattern pop. Choosing a large scale damask pattern is a great choice when choosing a more vibrant and dynamic color scheme.



We hope to have inspired your dreams for damask wallpaper. Whether it be traditional or contemporary, a sweep of subtle tones or a bust of cheerful color, damask has stood the test of time and is still a trendy choice today.

If you dare to damask, you can find more damask wallpaper patterns on the WallsRepublic website.


Until next time, happy wallpapering!


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