The Budget-Friendly Decorating with Home Wallpaper

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Thinking outside the box, we've compiled a few helpful secrets you save on fashionable and luxury wallpaper without limiting the bounds of creativity. Here's the complete how-to on styling specialized designer wallpaper for a cheaper cost!

In Reality Day Dream Blog by Bethany Sy she captures the thrill of renovation when she easily remodel her dining room using our non pasted, water resistant and removable Lavender & Blue Bold Overlaying Jungle Leaves R5920. The vibrant color and bold jungle pattern of this wallpaper created a stunning and dramatic ambiance to her dining room.  

Lavender & Blue Bold Overlaying Jungle Leaves R5920 by RealityDayDream


1. What is designer wallpaper and why do I need it?

Designer wallpaper is everywhere! I don't want to say everyone's doing it...BUT EVERYONE'S DOING IT. Designer wallpaper reintroduces the overall beauty of living in everyday life settings, like kitchens or bedrooms, with quality designed art prints and patterns in the form of wallpaper.


Hunter Green Printed Leaves on Wood Mural Wallpaper M9508


This expensive-looking designer mural wallpaper features illustrated jungle leaves printed on a faux wood background with layers of color and detail creating a slightly weathered effect for a refreshing take on the ever-popular tropical design.

When you hear the word "designer" you might automatically think "expensive" or way too "haute couture" and out of range. The initial thought of home designer wallpaper might seem like a bit of a stretch from your home renovation budget but here's the secret; designer doesn't necessarily mean expensive.


Green & Gold Bohemian Metallic Triangles Wallpaper R6480


Designer wallpaper is sensibly manufactured by prestigious artists and design professionals trained to create beautiful contemporary wallpaper with their keen eye for beauty and style. If you're guilty of flipping tags and experience the occasional "that's way too expensive" eye-twitch, FEAR NOT for you can still have fashionable brand name designer wallpaper. You don't need to settle for cheap quality wallpaper; it's all about being smart about how you go about your home styling creations.


2. How can I save with home designer wallpaper?


Navy Metallic Mountains R6103



Shopping online is probably one of the biggest ways to sneak your way past average retail pricing and into some sweet savings. Quality contemporary wallpaper for a portion of the price - I mean who's complaining? If you're designing on a budget, you can't afford to miss out on exclusive site wide promos on a GI-NORMOUS selection of wallpaper.

You're not just losing wallet wise; the style selections for must-have designer wallpaper online is tremendous. I mean the bigger the database, the more chances you have of finding that exact perfect pinch of perfection in your home that you probably would never find hopping from box-store to box-store. Online shopping for irresistible designer wallpaper that is always in-stock and in-style for a fraction of the cost is our first super saving secret. Cheaper wallpaper is not a myth; IT IS REAL!



Get your shopping carts ready now! You get 5 free samples of upscale and high-quality designer wallpapers to help you with your choices. Avoid overspending on your budget and dodge the mystery of the finished product by testing your favorite 5 brand name wallpapers with Walls Republic's sample program. It's super easy and it ships right away. Getting it right the first time and saving cash on your dream design makes the process worry-free and ultimately just so much easier.


M9414 samples sent to jennasuedesigns



Sometimes the most fashionable interior trends come at steep prices that are not favorable when changing up a space entirely. Saving money when shopping for contemporary wallpaper might be as simple as choosing the right pattern.


Teal Metallic Weathered Cubes Wallpaper R6099


Grey Weathered Metallic Wallpaper R6495


One important thing to consider when applying wallpaper is that you will need to line up your patterns for a seamless and continuous fit. In order to do so you will have to trim your wallpaper to perfectly match the pattern on the wall. This happens more so with bold patterned papers than with minimalist wallpaper patterns.

Like for an instance, above is Teal Metallic Weathered Cubes Wallpaper R6099 vs Grey Weathered Metallic Wallpaper R6495. The first pattern is a metallic wallpaper in a bold and saturated colours that form 3-dimensional cubes of bright, geometric wallpaper. While the second pattern is a faux effect wallpaper with brushed metallic coating in distressed and weathered effect. Either you go for a bold print pattern or you can keep it simple by adding some texture on the wall without necessarily adding a pattern, the choice is yours! Just make sure to select the right style that best fits your personality and your home.

Don't let your precious patterned papers go to waste. If you're looking to decorate your home on a friendly budget, choosing the right wallpaper patterns will definitely help you save heaping amounts of money and wallpaper.




Blue Tropical Pop Wallpaper R6589


Select parts of your wall that you would like to highlight. Papering different parts of your wall creates great textural juxtaposition especially with this botanical wallpaper that uses bold lines and striking colors to create a tropical explosion on the wall. The variety of lush tropical plants and canvas textured background makes this nature-inspired design a perfect cool featured wall for kids' or teens' bedroom wallpaper.

Wallpaper doesn't have to be applied all around to captivate the full dramatic and eye-grabbing results you've been dreaming of. You can choose 2 to 3 walls that you would like to accent as feature walls. Don't be afraid to mix and match designer wallpaper textures and patterns to show off your tactile sensibility.


Blue Dried Grass Wallpaper R6760


Highlight important little spaces with specialized wallpaper patterns like in a reading corner or with wispy bohemian prints in a study niche perhaps? This nature wallpaper features illustrated dried grass that floats peacefully on a portion of the wall. The texture and hand drawn style of this botanical wallpaper gives this featured wall a cozy mood perfect for work, study or even chit-chat time with love ones.

Partial wallpaper applications will give you the extra square footage cost with budget-friendly and brag worthy results!


Grey & Pink Diamond Stripe Wallpaper R6860


This large geometric featured wallpaper features bold diamonds that form to create a striped pattern making it the right pattern for your accent wall. Metallic accents and subtle texture transform this design into a chic living room.

Now that we've unlocked the secrets to saving on brand name designer wallpaper, creating fashionable contemporary bedrooms, living rooms, and even home offices on a budget should be a slice of cake! (Which you can probably buy with all that wallpaper money you saved)


Stay inspired and happy wallpapering!


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