Styling with Grasscloth Wallpaper

Sisal Natural Sand Grasscloth R1968

Grasscloth wallpapers are a popular and timeless wallcovering choice that have been updated with contemporary additions and are available in a wide range of styles to suit any space.




Grasscloth wallpapers are made up of woven plant fibers to create a highly natural aesthetic infused with rich texture. There are a wide range of coarse to finely woven grasscloth wallpapers available enabling grasscloth to have appeal in numerous settings. When specifying grasscloth wallpaper it is important to also understand that grasscloth wallpapers come in a wider size than typical wallcoverings. 


Duo Jute Amber Grasscloth Wallpaper R1970


This should be accounted for when calculating how much wallpaper is required for the space you are covering. Grasscloth further acts as a good middle ground between wallpaper and paint adding a strong sense of texture while keeping the patterning simple and refined. It brings a dimension that paint alone cannot achieve and is a timeless, classic addition that will please many people.





Rush Regular Orange Grasscloth Bedroom Wallpaper R2001


Grasscloth is a versatile product that has the ability to add warmth to any space making it feel more homey and comforting. When hung, the seams of grasscloth are always visible so have fun and play up this appearance by making it appear intentional. To achieve this effect you could try pairing different wallpapers together such as mica and grasscloth to create a striped pattern. It will add additional interest to your walls with a fresh innovative feel.

Alternatively, you could pair two different styles of grasscloth or create a tiled look by installing the grasscloth in squares. Since grasscloth is a subtle wallpaper it is appropriate in various places of the home. It is a particularly popular choice for a powder room since it can add a lot of texture and depth without overwhelming this small space. It is also a great option for the bedroom and can help achieve a relaxing, comforting sanctuary.



Grasscloth is a classic wallpaper which looks great in a variety of spaces, from a casual beach house to a formal apartment. Fine woven grasscloth can fashion an elegant luxurious atmosphere whereas coarse grasscloth has a more casual, relaxed, exotic, and tropical vibe.


Bamboo Army Green Grasscloth Bedroom Wallpaper R2008


Grasscloth with a variegated colour create a rich depth and a highly fashionable look. Grasscloth with metallic accents are perfect for a formal space and are great for reflecting light to create a high sensory experience. If you enjoy a neutral space, or are afraid of too much pattern, grasscloth is an easy choice that is not as busy as traditional wallpapers and will compliment any interior finishes and furnishings. Whether you are using your grasscloth to create a beach vibe or a sophisticated residence, it will always add a touch of warmth and coziness to your interiors.


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