Selecting the PERFECT tone on tone wallpaper for your home

While selecting tone on tone wallpaper is just like selecting any other wallpaper there are several elements that you should have an even more heightened awareness of in order to get the look and feel you desire. These include tonal contrast, lighting, and pattern scale. With these elements in mind choosing the right tone on tone wallpaper for your home will be made much easier. Tone on tone wallpapers are a great subtle option for adding texture and depth to your walls without the effect of overwhelming or in your face patterns.


1. TONE ON TONE WALLPAPER: Contrast - Light vs. Dark Tones



Choosing patterns with good tonal contrast will help and dimension and texture to your walls bringing out the subtle or bold patterning of your wallpaper. In this Ochre Cone pattern, texture is enhanced with a range of very light to dark tones giving a highlighted and shadowed look to the wallpaper.


Slate Scratched Tone on Tone Wallpaper R2440


If you truly want your pattern to be seen having a strong contrast will be crucial. Consider who is using the space as well, older eyes will have a harder time distinguishing between colours and tones so picking something with higher contrast will really allow the pattern to show itself off and create that simplistic designer look.


Coral Lattice Tone on Tone Wallpaper R2551


Vibrant colours add a bold splash to a tone on tone wallpaper adding stand out colour with minimalistic patterning. When the contrast is higher you will achieve a grander effect with a look that can become more graphic when the contrast is increased.




Slate Hexagonal Tone on Tone Metallic Wallpaper R2253


Lighting is crucial when selecting tone on tone wallpapers as it will help define a show off the pattern of your wallpaper. If your tone on tone wallpaper is not effectively lit you may not see any pattern at all. When Slate Hexagonal is lit the pattern is highly visible however, when seen in the shadow the pattern is masked and hidden therefore providing good lighting throughout the space is crucial if you wish to see the pattern.

Metallic tone on tone detail provides a good way to play with pattern and texture and reflect light well to help display pattern. Tone on tone wallpapers are very on trend and can be elegant and sophisticated when carefully placed.




Blue-Grey Tiled Tone on Tone Wallpaper R2265


Pattern scale will also strongly influence the effect of your wallpaper in your interior. A small scale pattern will have a more textural look where patterning may only be seen from a particular angle or up close. Specific lighting techniques will help bring out the subtleties in texture and colour especially in an allover metallic tone on tone wallpaper.


Warm Grey Puppytooth – Houndstooth Home Wallpaper R2547


Tone on tone wallpapers can also be really calming and soothing in a space of relaxation. This small scale houndstooth wallpaper has a graphic look from up close but from far away has a more all over monochrome look. This is great in a more small scale or intimate space such as a bedroom where you have a bed or a chair up against the wall as the small scale pattern will appear larger when you are up close.


Ecru Rings Tone on Tone Wallpaper R2307


In a larger scale the pattern is more apparent and grander but still has a very muted and simple effect in a tone on tone neutral colour scheme. Subtle nuances like tone on tone wallpapers are great for tying your entire design together and adding a little more dimension and depth to your walls than paint would enable you to achieve. They still help you create that one-of-a-kind look without the fuss of a more graphic or eclectic look and will be a smooth addition to your interiors.


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