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Profiling Geometric Wallpaper Styles

Posted on October 12 2017

Profiling Geometric Wallpaper Styles

With the ability to keep your interiors looking sleek over time, geometric wallpapers are easy to use. Whether it’s for a bedroom, living room, dining area, kitchen, or hallway, these patterns are ageless in its simplicity. While nothing says modern quite like a geometric wallpaper pattern, this category has become much more diverse in recent years.

If you think geometric wallpapers are all about uninspired designs and endless rows of boring shapes, you’re in for a surprise. Sure, the wallpapers below are all considered "geometric" in style, but consider how different the mood is, how colours are used, and how detailed the patterns are.

What’s great about geometric wallpaper is its universality and versatility. You can choose a geometric pattern with bold colours to dramatize the room for a contemporary look, or use neutral colours with a smaller pattern scale to heighten the sense of elegance.

To explore the style, here are our top 5 picks for geometric wallpaper design!



#5: Intricate Geometric Wallpaper


Transitional Geometric Diamond Weave Peach Wallpaper R4118


Diamond Weave takes the best of geometric and damask wallpaper styles and combines it – the simple design and repeating shapes of geometric styles, and the intricately detailed patterns commonly found on damask wallcoverings. This geometric wallpaper features diamond shapes outlined with a highly stylized border that is rich in detail.

It’s more elegant than contemporary, making it a great choice for those who want to create a more classic look. If you’re not ready to jump straight into the modern end of geometric styles, this wallpaper is a suitable choice for a more nuanced and subtle design.


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#4: Wavy Geometric Wallpaper


Ochre Braced Stripe R3056


"Geometric" doesn’t have to mean straight, sharp edges and angular shapes. It can also be curvy and more linear. Available in colours that emphasize luxury and sophistication, Braced Stripe adds a sense of movement to the room with its dynamic wavy design. Seasoned interior designers will know that horizontal stripes can help make a small room feel wider and more spacious, while vertical stripes adds a sense of height to a room.

Since this wallpaper features both horizontal and vertical elements, it’s a good choice for any room size. Its thin stripe design lends itself well to smaller spaces, such as a powder room or a small bedroom.

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#3: Abstract Geometric Wallpaper


Brown Groovy R3307


Geometric wallpaper doesn’t just include symmetric designs either. Using a retro colour palette, Groovy features rows of uneven squares that provide an interesting visual element, whether viewed up close or at a distance. Stylish and trendy, this abstract geometric pattern is great for those who aren’t necessarily looking for a traditional geometric style, but still want the iconic repeating motifs that geometric wallpapers are known for.

To create the classic vintage-style look, pair this wallpaper with furniture and décor items that are neutral or earth-toned coloured, like brown and beige. Or, for a more stylized retro appearance, look for navy blue, green, and orange items that will complement the geometric wallpaper and make the room "pop."


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#2: Sophisticated Geometric Wallpaper


Geometric Transitional Diamond Mirage Blue and Green R4423


A geometric wallpaper that’s elegant and rustic? It’s true! Diamond Mirage features large diamond shapes that are made up of smaller ones, making it an exciting design that is both playful and detailed. The different colours blend with each other, creating a vivid and appealing aesthetic that makes an immediate impact upon entering the room.

Because this wallpaper features bold colours that makes a dramatic impact on the interior design, choosing the right furniture is key in order to balance the look. Victorian-inspired furniture is a great choice, especially for that elegant look. Since this geometric pattern is quite complex, go with simple solid-colour furniture to create a sense of harmony in the room.

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#1: Classic Geometric Wallpaper


Ivory Hexagonal R2254


Of course, our top pick for geometric wallpaper has to be the classic geometric style! With its sleek and modern appearance, the traditional geometric style is timeless and extremely versatile. Hexagonal mixes the linear 2D elements of the grey circles and lines with the 3D optical illusion of the cubes. This provides a visual contrast that is engaging and exciting. With its ultra modern look, this geometric wallpaper style is truly transformative.

This pattern comes in many different colours, so when you’re designing your perfect room, you have the option to go with a clean, futuristic white aesthetic that would pair nicely with black and white furniture for a minimalistic look. Or, you can play up the colours and add a sense of creativity with more vibrant choices.


And that’s our top 5 picks for geometric wallpaper styles!

From elegant to rustic to modern, geometric wallpapers come in many different styles, pattern designs, colours – you name it. Choosing the right geometric pattern first depends on the type of atmosphere you’re trying to achieve with your room. Are you going for a subtle, classy look or do you want to go all out with a multi-coloured look that screams creativity and innovation? Geometric styles are diverse, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect wallpaper to hang in your room. For even more geometric wallpaper design styles, check out our other article, 8 Spectacularly Modern Geometric Wallpapers.

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