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Profiling Floral Wallpaper Styles

Posted on October 19 2017

Profiling Floral Wallpaper Styles

If you remember back when we posted our “Profiling Geometric Wallpaper Styles” article, we looked at how diverse one wallpaper category can be. In our second “Profiling” series, let’s take a look at floral wallpaper. Usually when we think of wallpaper, floral patterns are what comes into mind. This traditional style has a timeless quality. However, the floral wallpaper category is expanding, with some patterns taking a more modern root, while others stick with a more classic appeal. In this article, let’s look at 5 interesting floral wallpaper styles!


Artistic Floral Wallpaper

Watercolor and “painted” aesthetics are trends that are super popular this year. With more and more interesting and creative designs coming out each month, it’s hard to narrow down which one is our favourite. What is easy to narrow down are the reasons why artistic floral wallpapers are a great choice. First, artistic wallpaper designs have an inherent elegant look that transforms the space. With watercolor aesthetics specifically, you’ll be getting gorgeous colors that give your room a visually appealing feel.



For floral wallpaper that blends floral and artistic aesthetics, this design is a new one that’s caught our attention. If you want floral wallpaper that uses unconventional colors but don’t want it to look too bright or intense, Watercolor Splatters is perfect. The yellows, teals, and purples are more muted, giving it a slightly vintage look. Set on top of a black ground, the colors “pop” off the walls even more.


Geometric Floral Wallpaper

You might not think geometric and floral wallpaper categories can ever mix – geometric is all about contemporary designs and mostly emphasizes symmetry, while floral is more traditional and the designs are less structured. However, when you take floral aesthetics and infuse them with geometric design principles, what you get is wallpaper that is more modern but still has a traditional touch.



Geometric floral wallpapers often feature aesthetics in a symmetrical or more rigid presentation. For example, this wallpaper showcases horizontal rows of floral patterns. The flowers are more stylized, giving it a unique look that’s more contemporary, rather than traditional. Geometric floral patterns are a great way to combine two very distinct wallpaper categories into one. That being said, you can simultaneously achieve an element floral look, as well as a contemporary geometric aesthetic.


Abstract Floral Wallpaper

Abstract wallpaper is a category that covers a wide range of different styles. With abstract floral, this can mean anything from minimalist designs to comic book-inspired aesthetics. Abstract designs usually emphasize the use of color and how different colors mix together on the pattern. For those who want an interesting look, abstract floral wallpaper is a great choice.

Geometric Pixellated Floral Wallpaper Red and White R4656


Our pick for this category takes a traditional floral landscape and pixelates it. This gives it a fun, modern aesthetic that is perfect for any space. The amount of detail on this wallpaper is truly stunning. With abstract being all about color usage, you can definitely see that playing out with this floral wallpaper. The different shades of pink, green, and yellow mix together beautifully, creating an 8-bit scene that’s a feast for the eyes.


Modern Floral Wallpaper

Since we’re all familiar with traditional floral patterns, let’s start this list off on the opposite end of the spectrum. Contemporary floral wallpaper takes the classic floral motif and gives it a modern edge. Sometimes this design change comes in the form of color usage, such as using vivid or strong colors (generally, more traditional floral wallpaper use softer, light colors). Other times, the contemporary aspect is part of the actual aesthetics.


Contemporary Metallic Floral Sunflower Pink And Grey Wallpaper R3893


This metallic wallpaper offers off a subtle sheen, giving any room a glamourous makeover in one simple step. The use of silver colors gives this wallpaper a modern aesthetic that is sure to be very eye-catching. It’s combined with the unique way the floral imagery is designed – the interlocking vines give this wallpaper a very dynamic, energetic look. Keeping a bit of the classic floral appeal, this contemporary wallpaper is truly versatile in its use, perfect for any space that needs a touch of modernity.


Large-scale Floral Wallpaper

A growing interior design trend is to go big with your wallpaper patterns. Large-scale designs make a bold statement in any space, whether it’s a bedroom or living room. These type of wallpaper pattern means the image is “in your face” – it’ll most likely be the first thing you or your guest sees when entering the room. With large-scale floral wallpaper, the amount of detail on the image can work to give it a more intricate look.


Jungle Leaf Floral Wallpaper Taupe & Grey R4699


For our last pick, we’ve chosen a large-scale floral wallpaper that uses large jungle leaves. The combination between the detailed leaves with the plain background gives it a minimalistic look that isn’t overwhelming. What we love best about large-scale patterns is that it really adds a touch of nature to the space. Larger images tend to give a room a playful, lively look that would be perfect for shared spaces like the living room or kitchen.


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