Peel and Stick VS Traditional Wallpaper Adhesive

Ever wondered what’s more durable when it comes to home wall coverings? The peel and stick or just the traditional wallpaper that needs adhesive?

Do you have one of these at home if so how did the installation go?

Charcoal Cream Majestic Crane Tropical Wallpaper R8971


We at Walls Republic, we have more than 9000 skus of traditional wallpapers.

But why? Isn’t the Peel and Stick the norm and a trend these days?

This blog will give you a comprehensive comparison to both and stick with us till the end because we will you answer the biggest question as to why we don’t have the peel and stick variant as an option... JUST YET.

Quality and Longevity

Both of these variants depending on the brand has great quality especially those brands that interior designers use. We would really suggest that if you are renting an apartment, you may opt of the peel and stick option simply because this tends to be easier to be removed should you decide to move out of the rental space and it wills save you a great time dealing with landlords by the end of your contract.

Berry Simple Geometric Stripes Wallpaper R8982

If you are a home owner and your mind is always changing… we may also suggest you choose the peel and stick. There are a lot of customers who recently purchased wallpapers from us only to be decided that, when installed, the decors may seem to not blend with each other.

Taupe Cloudy Like Plain Textured Wallpaper R8984

If you are a home owner and you want your wallpapers to be of quality and durability and can stand the test of time, you should opt for the ones that need adhesive. We highly suggest products like Trojan Pro - 220, etc.

For the wallpaper to last longer, you should always consider the placement of where you plan to install it. Example, for the bathroom, the moisture of the water are causing the walls to become wet at some time, therefore choose something that is textured or damask.

Aqua Cloud Filled Sky Plain Textured Wallpaper R9002

This gorgeous wallpaper has a soft to the touch textured pattern that portrays a clear, pleasant sky with white fluffy clouds. The dainty yet sophisticated look gives every space depth and character while cultivating a vibe of tranquility and authenticity.

Cost effectivity

The peel and stick tends to be cheaper in price compared to the traditional ones. This is where the saying goes…

“You get the price of what you paid for”. Some really believe that the Peel and stick tends to have a loose end on some of each of the wallpaper corners after months of installation, however, just to be fair, we should always look into the texture and the type of wall before we give in the judgement.

Cream Curling Leaves Tropical Wallpaper R9005

Consider that you have a large, boring-looking blank wall in your room. Let's now make it seem fantastic without going over budget.

This cream-colored wallpaper features lovely leaves and tropical patterns, resembling a massive sticker. It's similar like applying a large, vibrant sticker to transform your wall into a jungle!


Easy DIY installation

Among both of these options, the easiest one to do DIY’s is the peel and stick variant. We have dealt with different types of clients like, moms, influencers, DIY’ers, interior designers and trade partners. Below are our KEY takeaways when it comes to DIY installation…

 a. Moms and DIY’ers tend to do it all by themselves as this is where they earn a living. Some collaborations we have that provides a DIY approach to all things home and interiors are also content creators, these content creators should show their followers how to install these by themselves and they are truly incredible seeing the transformation.

B. Professionals like trade partners and interior designers always HIRE a professional wallpaper installer. We have come across clients who did the installation all by themselves only to give us a call and add more rolls as them rolls first purchased was damaged and/or does not align with how they want it to look like at the end.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Wallpaper


a. Durability

Again, Traditional Wallpapers tend to last for years and can actually be cost effective due to the low maintenance costs.

b. Wide Variety

With this variety, the options are limitless because these have availability in terms of colors, patterns and you can in fact customize it. (You may check are Mural Wallpaper options)

c. DIY and Professional Installation

This type of wallpaper may require professional installation that will result in smooth and seamless finish. However, many customers of ours did DIY's which is also doable given the right guidance and planning before installation.


a. Difficult Removal
This is such a hassle because you need to steam or add some chemicals to help loosen the adhesive.

b. Permanent
Since this is permanent, many renters are not suitable for this type.

Green Romantic Floral Sage Floral Wallpaper RM9009

Pros and Cons of Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper


a. Easy Installation
This is the super easy to install that this type has been recommended by DIYErs due to little requirements and tools.

Removing this type of wallpaper is fast and easy and it has little to no damage when the right thing is done, which makes this renter friendly.

c. Cost-Effective
This type is way more cheaper than the traditional one especially when you consider the installation costs and tools needed during the process.


a. Durability
This type is said to be not long lasting.

b.Surface Compatibility
The reason being is that there is compatibility issues when it comes to this type as this requires integration on uneven walls, textured and etc.


Theres no shoe size fits all in this matter. You may consider factors like durability, materials, your preference in design and style, installation process and most especially, the budget.


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