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Nature Wallpaper Murals That Make Statement

Posted on October 19 2017

Nature Wallpaper Murals That Make Statement

Often used as a feature wall, wallpaper murals inherently make a bold statement in any room it’s in. Whether it’s a photorealistic brick wall or an urban cityscape, wallpaper murals can transform the space. This type of décor can suit both residential and commercial areas since the size of the mural can be customized. In this article, let’s take a look at our top nature-themed wallpaper murals picks this season.


Painted Marble Wallpaper Mural Teal and Orange M9253


Perhaps the most vibrant pick on our list, Painted Marble is a stunning example of a nature-themed mural. With its vivid teal and golden colors that swirl on the surface, the level of detail is absolutely stunning. While the swirling designs add a level of dynamic movement to the imagery, the bright colors add a burst of energy and optimism to the space.

Blue is often perceived as a relaxing or professional color, while orange is more funky and creative (for more info on how color affects a room's mood, click here). The combination of the two makes for a contrasting yet interesting color palette that engages the viewer. The lightness of Painted Marble gives the space a fresh feel.


Dark Forest Wallpaper Mural Green and Black M9254


While the previous mural pick was light and bright, our second pick is more mysterious. Set on a darker background, the green leaves of this Dark Forest wallpaper mural stands out even more. Each leaf features individual strands, each using a different shade of yellow or green. This makes for a visually dynamic effect that gives the wallpaper mural an abstract, minimalist look.

The intense green colors are much more “linear” than the swirling teals of the previous example. This gives the mural a more orderly structure with a modern feel. Pair this wallpaper mural with some potted plants around your room and you’ve got yourself an indoor jungle!


Mountain Sunrise Wallpaper Mural Black and White M9262


From bright teals and greens to simple black and white, this next mural is minimalist pick that is sure to add a sense of relaxation and zen to any space. Mountain Sunrise features a peaceful scene that’s perfect for any bedroom or living room. Featuring a sunrise that’s peaking over the background, this wallpaper mural infuses the space with a feeling of optimism.

With the wallpaper mural being black and white, this gives the image a classical, contemporary aesthetic that is sure to be eye-catching. It also means it’s easier to use since you won’t have to worry about color-coordinating it with your current décor.


Marbled Tigers Eye Wallpaper Mural Orange and Black M9258 


One pattern that is trending this season is marble, which is why we’ve included another one on our list. While the teal-colored one has a fresh, water-like effect, this one features deep orange colors that mimic a Tiger’s Eye gemstone. The stark contrast between the orange and black background is similar to the Dark Forest wallpaper mural – it provides a look that’s stunning and aesthetically pleasing.

Marbled Tigers Eye has a bold look that empowers the room with dramatic energy, while still maintaining a modern appeal that’s suitable for many spaces. Marble patterns have a sophisticated touch that presents a high-end aesthetic.


Paper Flowers Wallpaper Mural Red and White M9260


For a multi-colored nature-themed wallpaper mural, Paper Flowers offers a stylistic take on the floral pattern category. Featuring large-scale floral blossoms, this mural has a sophisticated touch that adds an air of elegance to any room.

The deep red and maroon colors play beautifully off of the white and greens on the mural. Like some of the previous examples, the dark background means the featured imagery stands out even more.


Vintage Planks M9205


Faux finish wallpapers are always on trend, and for our final nature-themed pick, we’re going with the classic wood wallpaper mural style. Unlike many of the previous examples, instead of a sophisticated or clean look, Vintage Planks has a rugged, rustic appeal that’s proven to be a popular pick with interior designers.

The light washed out colors give it a vintage look that is sure to “wow” your guests. Its neutral colors allow it a high degree of flexibility, meaning it can be used in many spaces, from residential to commercial.


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