Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2024

Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2024

As the year 2024 approaches, it's amazing to consider that we're nearly a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century. We have successfully regained a semblance of normalcy after emerging from a stormy cycle of uncertainty over the last few years. This newfound security is due in large part to the time and effort put into changing our living environments into sanctuaries.

Following recent problems, there is an exceptional opportunity to reconsider decisions taken to accommodate in-home workplaces or create warm nooks for cocooning. It's also an excellent time to refresh your interior design, bringing new life into your surroundings.

According to design experts, formerly ignored parts of the home, such as corridors, pantries, utility rooms, and laundry rooms, are now taking center stage and experiencing a well-deserved design renaissance.

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Taupe & Anthracite 3D Patchwork Geometric Wallpaper R8090

According to these experts, there is a notable change in concentration into previously overlooked regions. The corridor, pantry, utility room, and laundry room are currently being given special attention and are undergoing dramatic design modifications. According to one source, "Searches for 'handmade' and 'eclectic interior design vintage' are steadily gaining popularity on platforms like Etsy and Pinterest." This indicates an increasing interest in one-of-a-kind, handmade, and eclectic design components that give personality and individuality to living spaces.

As we move forward, we have the opportunity to infuse our living spaces with personality and meaning, rather than merely a physical makeover. The emphasis is on creating places that resonate with our own lifestyles and preferences, whether it's a useful and fashionable home office, a calm cocooning corner, or an aesthetically beautiful hallway. So, as we approach 2024, let us embrace changing interior design trends, celebrating the comeback of often-overlooked corners of our houses and the creative opportunities they provide.

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1. Shiny wall finishes are no longer in vogue; the trend is now leaning towards incorporating textured surfaces.

It is no longer trendy to transform any room into a mirrored hall. Instead, the current trend is toward textured finishes, such as brushed or hand-applied techniques like Roman clay, limewash with its sueded texture, or hand-tooled plaster—a technique that many people love. 

People want more dynamic surfaces, and traditional painted sheetrock falls short of the mark. The emphasis goes beyond paint or applied finishes to include the creative manipulation of natural materials. Exploration of texture is emphasized, not only in fabrics but also in three-dimensional patterns inside wood. Stone patterns are also being reinterpreted, expanding beyond plain slabs.

Cutting stone into a checkerboard pattern of four-inch blocks, half of which are recessed and the other half projecting, is one example. This alteration produces an enthralling geometric texture that changes when exposed to light.

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2. Your upcoming bold color statement will be none other than brown.

Similarly to how '90s neutrals accurately replaced drab gray tones in 2023, some of this year's outstanding colors are predicted to have an earthy effect. The revival of brown, particularly in the Billy Baldwin style, is significant.

Dark brown is predicted to be the hottest color of the following year, closely followed by various shades of yellow and light brown. A shade known as 'hot brown' is gaining favor in design studios, indicating a trend for warm browns evocative of a 1970s palette, such as caramel tones, coral, and persimmon.

Brown is a fantastic color choice because of its warmth and richness, and it also serves as a versatile neutral for layering with other colors. The dominant trend has evolved from chilly grays to warmer tones reminiscent of sepia and caramel. This changing palette has a tremendous impact on the overall mood. Beige and brown, as well as modest and earthy colors, are making a comeback. These muted tones, reminiscent of 18th-century serenity, exhibit less vibrancy and more depth and richness.

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3. Introducing a Fusion of Curves and Straight Lines

In the following year, the trend will be away from rigid lines and toward curves and softer shapes. Scalloped accents are becoming more popular in furniture, appearing in elements such as mirror frames and upholstery details. One popular style is barstools with an undulating wood-carved design on the back. When adopting trends, it's critical to strike a balance, guaranteeing a mix of curved and straight-lined objects in a room for an interesting design.

Sweeping curves are a frequent feature in Palm Beach design, evocative of the work of designers such as Royère. Scallops are highlighted as a current style with timeless appeal in furniture design. According to Hollis, the popularity of curves is enduring and is being embraced by artisans who are exploring more organic forms.

In the future, there will be a shift away from the precision of flawless block shapes. Biedermeier furniture, famed for its curves and warmth, is gaining popularity. The era of glass and steel inspired by the 1980s is giving way to a design environment that values organic forms and the inviting allure of curved structures.

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4. The Trend Embracing Artisanal Craftsmanship Is On the Rise

The artistry in great design is most visible in custom-made objects and produced work that demonstrates the unrivaled ability of human hands. In the post-pandemic era, there is a growing interest for handmade objects such as ceramic tiles, hand-carved wooden furniture, and handblown glass. Human craftsmanship's intrinsic irregularity is thought to be soothing.

Engaging artists to enhance their talents in order to create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted products has become regular practice. For example, people are already carving exquisite containers out of solid wood with the intention of transforming them into unique light fixtures for specific projects. This method has proved to produce a big and impactful design statement.

Imperfectly perfect design, including aspects such as American folk art and characteristics such as whip stitching, is becoming increasingly popular. Handcrafted items with a sense of heirloom, antique, or vintage are especially sought after in a society dominated by mass production. The appeal of these features is not only one-of-a-kind, but it also lends a fun depth to their entire appearance.

The emphasis is now on recognizing the character found in minor details. Natural materials are being celebrated for their faults as a representation of the realization that life is not always perfect. The dedication to handmade craftsmanship is obvious in the intentional mixing of materials in ways that deviate from traditional procedures.

This deliberate technique incorporates characteristics such as abrash, highlighting the natural variances in carpets while eschewing the goal of flat and faultless aesthetics.

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5. Cutting-Edge Lighting Will Serve as Our Go-To Decorative Companion

The idea of altering the brightness and color of lighting in an area has proven to be a brilliant one. This technology has grown in popularity during the last decade. People are already adopting color tuning technology, which allows them to create an environment that may replicate natural daylight even on cloudy days, however it comes at a cost. This function is useful for some clients, notably art collectors, as it improves their interaction with the artwork in their homes.

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Stay ahead of the curve by transforming your living environment with the 2024 interior design trends. Explore the trends affecting the future and embrace innovation and style!



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