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How to Design Classic Yet Contemporary Interiors

Posted on September 28 2017

How to Design Classic Yet Contemporary Interiors

Traditional wallpaper designs and interiors with up-to-the-minute contemporary looks


Traditional Interior Design with Royal Purple Damask Wallpaper by Walls Republic | Living Room Trends


Many still view wallpaper as a trend of the past, however wallpaper is back in fashion and is the perfect touch to help tie together any design scheme. Classic patterns in bold colours and tones can make a traditional pattern feel up to date and current when paired with other traditional furnishings and elements. Using patterns such as damasks in smaller doses rather than on all of the walls throughout an entire space can also add an updated and fresh feel to the damask style.


Classic Interior Design with Green Floral Wallpaper by Walls Republic


Patterns that play with the traditional norms and scale can also add a refreshing and surprising element to classic interior design. Florals with larger than life patterning opposed to the ditsy prints of the past bring a new perspective to the floral that still has a place in a traditional environment seeking an update. Updated colours and tones will animate these wallcoverings beyond what technology was once able to produce. These larger than life patterns make great feature walls for highlighting antique pieces and bringing them with us into our contemporary lives.


Classic Floral Luxurious Linen Wallpaper by Walls Republic



Classic Tan Trellis Wallpaper with Layered Pattern by Walls Republic | Foyer Design Trends


Layered patterns are more sophisticated and are a result of updated technologies and capabilities in wallpaper design. Using classic patterns with layered schemes make them more diverse and contemporary by nature with increased depth and colour. The added layers of simple pattern adds a new element to these wallpapers yet maintains a classic and timeless feel which pairs well with other traditional, & contemporary elements. Trellis patterns such as Tan Netted are a particularly popular style that is both classic and contemporary with a waved netted form and layered trellis scales.


Layered Traditional Damask Wallpaper by Walls Republic | Living Room Design Trends


This Elegant Silver damask pattern is a classic pattern in a classic tone overlaid with a small scale damask to add another level of dimension and detail to set it apart from typical damask wallpapers.


Simple Black and White Houndstooth Geometric Wallpaper by Walls Republic | Home Office Design Trends


If you are after a more simplistic and classic scheme, stick to simple geometries in classic patterns such as a houndstooth or refined damasks in neutral colour palettes. Clean and crisp geometries are both classic yet highly contemporary with their simplicity and the graphic aesthetic on the rise.


Ornamental Traditional Damask Wallpaper by Walls Republic | Bedroom Design Trends


Classic patterns mixed with modern furnishings add personality & character to soften and break up stark linear geometries to help achieve a balance and create a seamless look without any harsh juxtaposition. Classic & traditional patterns can harmoniously work in both traditional to contemporary interior design schemes and are easily transformed by a balanced blend of styles.


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