How to Creatively Use Textured Wallpaper in Interior Design?

Many interior designers opt for Textured wallpapers because of its quality and sophistication. They believe that when added into the overall design, the overall vibe has enhances due its beautiful patterns and textures.

We also vote for textured wallpapers when it comes to revamping or reconstructing your homes. We do have a wide selection of wallpapers and these types are one of our best sellers. 

In this blog, we discuss expert ways on how to add them on your walls if you are looking into designing your space this spring and you are torn between what wall covering you are going to choose. 

We guarantee you, opting for this option is a game-chancer.

Why Is Textured Wallpaper is Commonly used?

Have you ever noticed that more and more people are using this kind of wallpaper? If you follow DIYers and Interior Designers in Pinterest and Instagram, many of them already installed these on their walls. 

Before we dive in, we want to first tell you why this is the best option for you, and this is not overrated but definitely worth the hype. 

Terracotta Abstract Textured Plain Wallpaper R9367

1. It boosts dimension level

The aesthetic values of these wallpapers creates more value and vanishes the staleness of any empty rooms. It gives you the impression that each space has a sense of dimension.

2. Adaptability

Myth: Textured wallpapers are plain and minimalist. 

Let us debunk this by saying that there are even Tropical, Floral and Botanical wallpaper that's categorized as Textured. Morever, the vast spectrum of design and styles gives you more options as well.

3. Covers Flaws

If you do have some irregularities and stain on your wall, this is a great choice to cover up. It will give your decor looking fresh and polished.

4. Durability

Textured wallpapers can withstand the test of time and many interior designers can attest that they have been using it and it can lasts for many years. Its low maintenance and easy to clean.

5. Connection

The tangible sensation differs to any other types of wall coverings. It has a deep sense of quality bringing your walls to blend in to any of your decor pieces.

Beige Natural Faux-Plain Wallpaper R9358


So how do we incorporate Textured Wallpapers in your interior design?

1. The impact of textured wallpaper have on a room's focal point

Textured wallpapers boost any rooms focal point. Many interior designers are saying that when installed, it gave an extra booze and the walls can be easily recognized. 

It has the ability to create a physically detaining focal point and creates a sense of balance and vibe to any space. If you like the grasscloth and embossed type, it will surely pop out!

Green Charming Leaves Tropical All Over Wallpaper

2. Makes your dining area special and fancy

The dining area are the most common areas where wallpapers are installed to as it gives an extra out of the world feel. Imagine this, if your kitchen paint color is bold and plain, you may explore metallic finish types of textured wallpapers to give a graceful design. This modifies your dining space and turns into a different kind of facade.

Black Geometric All Over Blown Vinyl Wallpaper R9356

3.  Great for bathrooms

Myth: Wallpapers do not work on an bathrooms. 

If you are following us on our Instagram page, we have been posting about our Trade partners and interior designers and most of them had these wallpapers installed on their/clients bathrooms. 

Since contemporary textured wallpapers frequently have been engineered to cope with liquid moisture, they are suitable for the walls of a bathroom.

It imitates an appearance of easy flooring to lift up the aesthetic of your washroom and it's definitely an affordable wat to create an exceptional space.

This we can attest. 

Light Grey Soft Diamond Geometric Wallpaper R9289

4. Grand Entry Way

They say that first impressions lasts. Imagine inviting guest on your home and you have added a textured wallpaper to your entry way... Matted wallpaper, be it a bold abstract pattern or subtle grasscloth, can dictate up the mood for every room.

In this part, always think of it as your "accent wall".

Pink Blush Abstract Model Lines Non-Woven Wallpaper R9180

5. Home office 

If you are planning to install textured wallpaper on your home office or workspace area, you may opt for this option. There are many consumers who said that it helped them on beat procrastination and increase their productivity. 

Choose shades of green as it scientifically proven to help with calmness and effectivity. The best part? It has been an effective alternative for corporate paint.

Ecru Beige Abstract Geometric Curve Lines Wallpaper R9189



We do have a vast selection of wallpaper if you are keen  to experiment with it in your interior design. Deciding on the perfect textured wallpaper for your next project is made faster by the wide selection of layers, themes, and palettes available. 



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