Fearless Designing with Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpapers are a classic and timeless design choice for your interiors and is a pattern that can be found all over in fashion, interior design, and everyday objects. They are available in a wide range of styles from traditional, to contemporary to floral adaptations making them a versatile option for your home. Damask wallpapers give off an elegant, opulent, and grand feel that can work in many settings with a variety of scales and textural details to create a suitable aura.

DAMASK INSPIRATION. Damask patterns are seen all over design and our collection at Walls Republic covers all types of damask patterns to suit your individual spaces and styles.


Damask patterns are seen all over design and our collection at Walls Republic covers all types of damask patterns to suit your individual spaces and styles.




Rustic Painted Damask Wallpaper Taupe and Blue R4850


Damask wallpapers are a versatile wallpaper option that is great when used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or on feature walls. They are ornate and elegant often appearing in large scale or bold patterning. They work well when paired with other ornate pieces of furniture to maintain a sense of luxury and grandeur or can offer a touch of detail and depth in a more contemporary space with simple and refined furnishings to bring a striking yet harmonious contrast. Miss Passion in grey helps reinforce a rustic vintage atmosphere in the dining room with its metallic soft rose tone.




Swirl Black Traditional Damask Wallpaper R1506


Traditional damask wallpaper styles with a contemporary twist can be a great addition to a traditional or transitional space. They give off an elegant vibe and are a classic timeless choice that will have a long lifespan. To keep the traditional scheme on trend you can use damask wallpaper as an accent of feature wall in your space rather than all over all of your walls.




Medium Grey Twisted Wood R2569


Damask with a flocked  velvet touch is great for a living room or bedroom and will have a luscious and rich look. The texture of the flocked pattern will help achieve depth and dimension and fuses the traditional flocked style with a contemporary damask look.


Rose Damask Wallpaper R2068


Contemporary damask wallpapers come in updated fresh and relevant colours combining all of the latest trends in wallpaper with texture, layering, and metallic detailing. The large scale damask is a bold pattern, however, is toned down with the soft rose and white colours that give it a romantic and glamorous vibe.


Orange Ornamental Damask Wallpaper R2061


If you are more daring, this Orange Ornamental is a renewed colour giving this traditional damask pattern a contemporary feel. It is great wallpaper for adding vibrancy mixed with hints of tradition and formality.


Adeline Beige Floral Damask Wallpaper R1873


Floral damasks are a more casual way to get a damask inspired look in your interiors. If the thought of adding damask to your home is daunting, this style may be your perfect fit bringing the elegance of damask with a pattern that is less old and ornamental. The tone on tone look also helps this style sit back and be a visually appealing neutral backdrop.




Plush Byzantium Contemporary Damask Wallpaper R1042


The scale of the pattern can also help alleviate fears of designing with damask wallpaper. While there are many bold damask styles with large patterning and bold colours, there are also a variety of small scale damask patterns that can achieve a similar ambiance without the overwhelming scale of a large print. Simple colour schemes or tone wallpapers can also help a large scale pattern feel less overwhelming.


Dalarni Taupe Damask Wallpaper R1867


Dalarni Taupe is an ideal fearless choice for a damask wallpaper. Its bold pattern makes a statement and adds texture but remains a calm option with its tone on tone neutral scheme. As a simple feature wall it can be just the right amount of pattern needed to give your neutral space an elegant presence.


Black Swirled Damask Wallpaper R2043


Black Swirled and Hedge Black offer the perfect way to add a damask touch to your walls with the same rich details offered in a large damask pattern. The pattern gives you great texture without being in your face bringing a high class vibrance to a hallway, bedroom, or dining room. With so many different damask options that can be bold, small, neutral, traditional, or contemporary, there is no reason to be afraid of using damask patterns in your own home and are undoubtedly an on trend style.


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