Do It Yourself: How to Hang ‘Paste The Wall’ Wallpaper

Easy Hang Wallpaper For the DIY Generation

Wallpaper allows you to play with texture, depth, colour and bold patterns that you cannot do with paint alone and with new advanced "paste the wall" wallpaper technology, it is easier than ever to install and remove!

At Walls Republic all of the wallpapers available use a new and innovative “Paste the Wall” technology that makes hanging wallpaper easier than ever with little mess and the ability to remove the wallpaper easily when it is time for a refreshing update. If you are looking for an easy DIY update that will drastically transform your home, paste the wall wallcoverings are an ideal choice!


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Don't be afraid of wallpaper with our new and advanced paste the wall technology. Designing with wallpaper is easy for anyone to do, not just for professionals or experienced users. The non-woven backing is the secret to this paste the wall technology and is what allows it to be hung straight off the roll without any pre-soaking or messy and fussy application methods.


Red Thistles R2454 Paste the Wall Floral Wallpaper by Walls Republic


Top 3 Benefits of Paste the Wall Technology

  • 1. Easy Installation

>Paste the wall technology has all types of people in mind making it the choice wallpaper for anyone to use and is especially great for renters, DIY-ers, and first time wallpaper hangers. Instead of applying paste to each panel and having to soak your paper in water, making it heavy, messy, and challenging to work with, with paste the wall you simply apply adhesive to the entire wall and stick the sheets of dry wallpaper on top. It’s that simple!

  • 2. Easy Removal

>Are you afraid of wallpaper because you may want to update your space again one day? Paste the wall technology has this in mind as well. Unlike the old pre-pasted wallpapers of the 70’s-90’s paste the wall technology allows you to peel the entire wallcovering right off the wall with a simple tug of the paper.

  • 3. A Vast Range of Patterns in Every Style Imaginable!

>All of Walls Republic wallpapers use paste the wall technology offering you a plethora of styles to choose from and certainly a pattern that will be a perfect fit for you and your space. From traditional damasks, to geometrics, and abstract patterns there is something for every taste!



The first step in any wallpaper project is to prepare the wall and make sure you are set up properly with the necessary tools to ensure a smooth installation. As with any type of wallpaper or paint it is important to first clean the wall and get rid of any dirt on the surface. Cleaning the wall ensures that the paste will work effectively. Mix a combination of warm water and vinegar in a bucket and use a sponge to wash the entire wall. Be sure to let it dry before you begin applying paste or hanging the wallpaper.


Ivory Hexagonal R2254 Paste the Wall Geometric Wallpaper by Walls Republic


Paste the Wall Wallpaper Checklist

  • Wallpaper paste
  • Sponge
  • Plumb bob
  • Metal tape measure
  • Sharp knife
  • Pair of scissors
  • Bucket of clean water
  • Large paint brush or roller (paste brush)  




Limitless R2528 Paste the Wall Striped Wallpaper by Walls Republic


  • 1. Paste the Wall

> Use a paint roller or large paint brush to apply adhesive directly to the wall in a thin uniform layer. Be sure not to paste the entire wall at once, do it in sections (by strip of wallpaper) so the paste does not dry before you put up the paper.

  • 2. Apply Wallpaper

>Take your first strip of wallpaper, align it in the corner so that it is straight, and paste it to the top of the wall. Be sure to leave a couple extra inches at the top and the bottom to be trimmed later. When in position, slowly unroll the strip of wallpaper and smooth it all the way to the end to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles.

  • 3. Trim Excess

>Trim excess at the top and bottom of the wall and continue working your way across the wall pasting and applying the wallpaper. To get a perfect cut run your scissors along the edge of the paper at the ceiling and bottom edge of the paper so that you leave an impression showing you exactly where to cut. Gently pull the drop away from the wall so you can cut along the edge and then position it back in place for a perfect fit. Gently wipe any paste off the surface of the paper with a clean, damp sponge.


If you are looking for a more detailed and comprehensive guide on hanging paste the wall wallpaper check out our free technical installation guide HERE!  




If you still cannot believe how easy it is to hang Walls Republic’s paste the wall paper have a look for yourself and check out our many stunning client DIY projects! These testimonials are evidence demonstrating how paste the wall wallpapers really make the process of adding wallpaper to your home so simple and smooth!

“My absolute favorite part about this paper was how easy it was to install!!  I have never installed paper by myself.  My expert of a mom has always been brought in to help, or I have been so terrified I would mess up the paper I have hired a professional.  Hanging paper can be terrifying & crazy messy, but not anymore with this "Paste the Wall" paper.  

Rather than running your pre pasted paper of the 80's & 90's through the water & dripping glue & water everywhere, leaving your paper so wet that when you try to tug it into the correct place it tears… if you've done this before you know exactly what I am talking about!  Now, all I had to do was use a large paint brush, dip it into the WallPaper Paste & paint it directly on the wall.  The paper goes up dry & adheres to the glue on the wall.  Also, the paper is thick enough to take the pulls & tugs you may need to get it in the perfect spot! Bonus.”

Kristin Jackson from The Hunted Interior blog. 


Bedroom Makeover by Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior blog with Tan Fawn R2338 Paste the Wall Wallpaper by Walls Republic



“The paper went up beautifully. I did it myself. The quality of the paper was far better than I expected, and it was easy to work with.”

Robin, North Scituate, Massachusetts


Rowan’s Bedroom Redesign by Robin, North Scituate with Black Embellished S43709 Paste the Wall Wallpaper by Walls Republic


I purchased gorgeous wallpaper for my dining room, front hall and powder room from Walls Republic and I am so happy with the quality and ease of installation! I was a little nervous about doing the work myself, but it was actually really easy to do.

– Ayla01 on Houzz


Black Swirled R2043 Paste the Wall Damask Wallpaper by Walls Republic



“[Walls Republic’s] selection and quality of wallpaper is so fantastic – we had no problems whatsoever. Nowadays it’s really not that hard to apply or remove and it’s so worth it in the end! It can truly make a space completely original from anything you’ve seen before and therefore, a true gem!”

LidyDipert from the Hello Lidy! Blog


Dining Room Design by LidyDipert of Hello Lidy! with Slate Hexagonal R2253 Paste the Wall Wallpaper by Walls Republic




For more in depth information about installing your ‘easy-up’ paste the wall wallpaper view the technical installation manual available on each product page at Walls Republic or view it HERE!


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