Discover 8 spring home trends that you can experiment  with immediately and continue to enjoy throughout the year

It's undeniable that spring is a season of change, with the weather beginning to warm up, the clocks moving forward, and the return of the leaves to the trees. The arrival of spring brings with it a sense of regeneration and a notion that everything is possible.

This season is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new house trends in your space because this sensation is not limited to the outer world.

So don't worry, spring-cleaning your house doesn't call for a complete overhaul or expensive improvements. Many of the best design trends for this season, in the opinion of some of our favorite designers, couldn't be easier to implement. Read on to learn about the top springtime house trends that designers are focusing on this year.

1. Surprising Visual Arts

Blue Floral Elephant M9505

Even if our preferences for trends can change from year to year, art itself never goes out of style. Bold, enjoyable, and unexpected styles are taking the place of more somber pieces for spring 2023. After the recent years, we are all in need of new ways to express ourselves, and works of art that evoke strong emotions in us, particularly laughter and joy, are in great demand.

2. Color schemes featuring soft and delicate hues that resemble pastel colors.

Pastel colors are one of the interior design fads that resurface each spring. While the hues themselves are ageless, this year's trend is on creative uses of pastels. By using edgier styles, designers are successfully giving pastel color schemes a new lease on life.

Modern and exciting settings are beginning to use softer color palettes. Pastels have always been popular and are sometimes associated with girlie or granny-style interiors, but when applied properly, they can actually be very stylish.

Pink Weathered Metallic Wallpaper R6496

3.Anything Lilac

Although hues with floral undertones will always be fashionable for spring, one color sticks out from the crowd this year and may surprise you. Lilac, a 1980s trend color that has long been considered out of date, is sweeping the design industry.

Lilac has historically been seen as a forbidden color, but I particularly like it when it completely covers a room—baseboards, crown molding, and all. It looks fresh, modern, and feminine.

Lilac Peach Tree Botanical Wallpaper R2798

4. Play with patterns

In recent years, wallpaper has experienced a resurgence in popularity and has become more widely available and used than ever before. The versatility and appeal of wallpaper have made it a go-to choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down, with wallpaper expected to continue its rise in popularity this spring.


As we head into the new season, there are some exciting spring trends emerging when it comes to wallpaper. One trend that I've noticed is the use of different wallpapers in different areas of the home. Similarly, selecting one wallpaper for the main bathroom and a different one for the water closet can help create distinct visual experiences in each space.


Another spring trend that I'm seeing is the use of bold, vibrant wallpapers to add personality and depth to a room. Large, colorful prints and intricate patterns are particularly popular and can be used to make a statement in any space. For those who prefer a more subtle look, there are also plenty of minimalist and understated wallpaper designs available that can add texture and interest without overpowering the room.

Charcoal & Rose Gold Zebra Ornamental Wallpaper R6464

Overall, the revival of wallpaper has opened up a world of possibilities for homeowners and designers, allowing them to create unique and personalized spaces that reflect their individual styles and tastes. And with so many exciting trends emerging this spring, there's never been a better time to experiment with this versatile and timeless design element.

5. Bringing in the Outside

This trend is not only an affordable way to add beauty to your home, but it also connects you to nature and can have a calming effect on your mind and body. With the warmer weather and longer days, it's the perfect time to experiment with new colors and textures in your decor.

In addition to floral arrangements, there are many other ways to bring the outdoors in. Consider incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone, or woven fabrics into your furniture or accessories.

You could also try incorporating plants and greenery into your space, whether that be through a small herb garden in your kitchen or a statement plant in your living room.

The benefits of incorporating nature into your home are numerous. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can reduce stress, increase productivity, and even improve our overall mood. By bringing elements of the outdoors into your interior design, you can create a space that feels more connected to the natural world and promotes a sense of well-being.

So, if you're looking for a way to refresh your home this spring, consider bringing the beauty of nature inside. Whether it's through a vase of fresh flowers, a natural wood coffee table, or a collection of potted plants, this trend is sure to elevate your space and help you feel more connected to the world around you.

Green Tropical Paradise R7796

6. Consider layers

Layering is a design technique that can bring depth and richness to a space, making it feel more dynamic and interesting. And while the all-white, minimalist aesthetic has been popular in recent years, this spring is all about embracing color, pattern, and texture in a big way.

One of the most exciting ways to incorporate layering into your home this spring is through the use of pattern. Bold, graphic prints in a range of colors can create a vibrant, energetic space, while more muted, organic patterns can add a sense of calm and tranquility. Mixing and matching patterns is also a great way to create visual interest and keep things from feeling too matchy-matchy.

Another way to incorporate layering into your design is through the use of color. This spring, pastel hues are a big trend, with shades of mint green, blush pink, and sky blue dominating the scene. However, if pastels aren't your thing, bold jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red can also make a statement. The key is to use color strategically and thoughtfully, layering it in a way that feels intentional and harmonious.

Finally, texture is another important element to consider when layering your design. Woven textiles, like chunky knit blankets or macrame wall hangings, can add warmth and coziness to a space, while natural materials like wood, stone, and leather can bring in an organic, earthy feel. Combining different textures can create a tactile, sensory experience that makes a room feel more inviting and comfortable.

So, whether you're drawn to floral fabrics and painted lattice woodwork or prefer a more eclectic mix of patterns and textures, layering is a trend that can help you create a space that feels unique and personalized. Don't be afraid to experiment with color, pattern, and texture this spring and see where your creativity takes you!

Beige Banana Leaves Tropical Wallpaper R7934

7. Designs that draw inspiration from the Old World

Old World-Inspired Designs are a fantastic trend this spring since they give modern trends a dash of nostalgia and enduring appeal. These designs produce a distinctive and opulent look by incorporating components of conventional European or Mediterranean style, such as detailed patterns, elaborate detailing, and vintage-inspired materials.

They provide an air of authenticity and history that may add warmth and charm to any setting. Furthermore, this fashion is adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings, from boho to minimalist, making it a viable choice for many design enthusiasts.

Almond Blossom Bold Dark Floral Black Wallpaper R5001

8. Pink is the trend

This spring, the color pink is making a bold and exciting statement in the world of design. Bright, striking shades of pink are particularly popular, and incorporating this hue into your home décor is a fantastic way to stay on trend. While painting your cabinets or walls a vibrant pink is a surefire way to fully embrace this trend, there are many other ways to incorporate this bold color in smaller doses throughout your home.

One approach to using pink in a more subtle way is to incorporate it into your home décor through accent pieces such as rugs and pillows. These items can add a pop of color to any space without overwhelming it, and are particularly effective when paired with neutral tones like white or beige. This is a great option for those who are not ready to fully commit to such a bold color, but still want to experiment with the trend.

That being said, pink furniture is another fantastic way to incorporate this color trend into your home. Whether it's a bold pink sofa or a simple pink armchair, these pieces can add a playful and whimsical touch to any room. Additionally, the versatility of the color pink allows it to be paired with a wide range of other colors, from blue and green to yellow and orange, making it a great option for those looking to create a unique and personalized design scheme.

Ultimately, whether you choose to embrace this trend with bold, bright shades of pink or more subtle accent pieces, incorporating this color into your home décor is a surefire way to make a statement this spring.

So why not try incorporating this fun and playful color into your home this season?


Pink Metallic Weathered Cubes Wallpaper R6098

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