Designing your Child's Room

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Looking for tips on designing a kid's room? You're in the right place! If you're looking to design your first baby's nursery, spruce up your toddler's play room, or update your pre-teen's bedroom, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right wallpaper or mural.

Design the Right Atmosphere

What is the space going to be used for, and who is going to be using it? The age of your child is also a big factor when selecting the colour and pattern of wallpaper, or image of the mural. If you are looking to design a nursery or bedroom for your baby or toddler, it is important to select soft colours, textures and images to keep the space calm and relaxing. Bold and Bright wallpaper or murals with a lot of contrast will be over stimulating for the baby. Take a look through our Pastel or Neutral Wallpaper Color Collections for great ideas. These colors are also easy to work into the existing interior design, making them a flexible and convenient choice.

As your child gets older, the requirements for their environment change and brighter colors and bold patterned wallpaper will suit their personality. Make their space comfortable by tailoring it to their specific style preferences.

If the space is a play room, go ahead and be bold! Your child is going to be using that area for fun so they'll need a space that reflects there level of enthusiasm and energy. Selecting wallpaper with fun, bright colours such as orange, yellow, and blue can create an atmosphere that promotes playtime. 


You don't need to break the bank to design a beautiful space for your child. As your child grows, keeping cost in mind is very important, especially if you want to update the room's look. Selecting a wallpaper or mural with a timeless pattern, rich colour or modern graphic will fit your budget, allows your child to grow into their room, and still creates a fantastic space. At Walls Republic, the wallpapers we carry are designed to stand the test of time. These are patterns that have been carefully selected to outlast common trends and offer styles that fit every unique individual's taste. Geometric wallpapers have a modern look while striped wallpapers offer a simple, yet stylish appeal.

While wallpaper murals are generally pricier than regular wallpaper rolls, keep in mind the quality and customization options as well. With wallpaper murals, you can even select your very own image and use it to create a custom mural. By adding quotes and editing the colors, this also allows you to further create a look that suits your child's room.


We can all agree that our little ones can get their hands dirty from time to time. With stray marks from crayons, paint splashes, and spilled fruit juice, it's important that you select a wallpaper or wallpaper mural that will outlast the daily activities of your child. For instance, selecting a vinyl wallpaper is a great solution since this material is much easier to clean than other wallpaper materials. Vinyl wallpapers are washable, scrubbable and easy to maintain - made to withstand the little fingers of your child. 

On the flip side, understand what wallpaper materials don't make great choices for children's rooms. Wallpaper styles made from more fragile materials, such as grasscloth, linen, and glass beads, are not recommended for kid's rooms. These wallpaper materials are generally harder to clean and suited for low traffic areas.


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Wallpaper for a Kid's Room

With that said, Walls Republic is here to offer you the best selection of designer wallpaper and murals for every stage of your child's life, whether you're choosing a product for a nursery, a child's playroom, or a teen's bedroom. Our "easy up, easy off" wallpaper makes installation and removal a piece of cake for when you decide your children's rooms need a serious updating. Peel off the nursery wallpaper in one swift motion, your walls will be ready to install the next selection of graphic wallpaper for your child's room. 

At the end of the day, wallpaper for a kid's room should be fun for the whole family. Be sure to get your own child(ren) in on the fun as well. Include them in the interior design process by asking them what colors they like, what designs they love, and so on.


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