Designer Tips for Successfully Choosing Wallpaper to Make Your Small Spaces Unique

Powder Blue Ornamental R2057

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, especially since you don't want to make the room appear smaller than it already is. In this guide, we'll show you what features you'll need to keep in mind when wallpapering a small room!


1. Defining your goals

 Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664

Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664


When selecting wallpaper for small spaces it is important to first define the goals and scope of your project. When selecting wallpaper for small space it is important to first define the goals and scope of your projecthrough research and the sourcing of inspirational images you can begin to determine the desired mood, ambiance, concept, and visual story you want to create. This will give you a focused goal enabling you to research and narrow down options.


Ceramic Floral Tiles Wallpaper White and Grey R4673

Ceramic Floral Tiles Wallpaper White and Grey R4673

It is also important to understand and relate to the existing architectural and interior details in order to ensure your vision is cohesive and functional within your space. Based on this knowledge you can further define how you will utilize the wallpaper, either throughout the entire space, as a feature wall, or paired with complementary patterns and textures.


2. Understanding Light & Colour

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Light plays an extremely important role in defining space and selecting the optimum wallpaper for small rooms. It is crucial to recognize how both natural and artificial lighting play a role in the interior. The way in which natural light enters a space as well as the positioning of artificial lighting will affect how colour and texture is seen and can significantly enhance the look of your wallpaper. Using wallpaper with a sheen or metallic luster will bounce light and can create the illusion of a brighter, more open space particularly in darker windowless spaces.


Simplistic Rustic Metallic Gold Wallpaper R4288

Lighter coloured patterns with cool-colored backgrounds, for instance green, blue, or violet can create an airy, open illusion. However, dark coloured wallpapers can also work very well in a small room and create a more dramatic, grand, cozy, sophisticated, or graphic aesthetic. While many believe that only light colours are appropriate in small spaces, a high level of detail and appropriate material, furnishing, and lighting combinations will produce a highly dynamic space in a dark scheme.


3. Choosing Appropriate Pattern Styles & Scale

Pattern graphics and pattern scale are another important factor in choosing wallpaper for small rooms and should be decided upon based on the scale & proportions of the existing space and the illusions you want to create. Linear or striped patterns will draw your eye up or across the wall creating the illusion of height or depth depending on the orientation.


Faux Finish Stripes Simplistic Painterly Cabin Wall Blue and Yellow R4449


Textural wallcoverings create another level of dimension adding a sense of depth in a small space. Both small and large prints can be an appropriate choice for a small space, however, considering the size of the wall you are working with will allow you to choose a pattern that is a best fit. Small patterns will create a calm and subtler atmosphere. Large patterns will create a bolder, graphic, and dramatic effect. Small and large scaled patterns can also be paired together to tone down a busy pattern and achieve balance and unique variety within the space.


Byzantium Ripple R2227


4. Creating Cohesion & Fluidity

Less is more. Choose wallpaper that will complement your existing furniture and colour scheme to create a sense of fluidity. Draw colours for other interior details from within the wallpaper for an easy way to create fluidity. Define what is most important to feature in the space. Choose one or a few elements that will complement each other to create a strong grounding focal point within. Keep it simple.


 Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Beige and Metallic Silver R4671

Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Beige and Metallic Silver R4671


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