Interior Designers’ 2022 Checklist for Creating Contemporary Interiors with Concrete Wallpaper

Hey there beautiful, this one is for you! It’s time to take note and add a new trick into your design toolbox! Everyone is starry-eyed over the weathered and rustic industrial appeal of concrete walls as one of the top go-to interior trends for chic and urban contemporary interiors.

Have you ever seen a picture of a perfect styled room online and thought; “Why can’t my home look like that?” With this article, you will be able to design your home like an expert. No need to break the bank paying for professional Interior Designer. ‘”Coz Interior decorating isn’t as hard as you think. It is all about knowing your interior style and décor taste, and putting them into an artistic interior vision. Just learn the rule of the thumb – balance and harmony of space, color and design; and you’re good to go.

We can make Interior Designing an easy feat by having a strategy – a formula that combines the right amount of color and pattern with the perfect furniture, flooring and accessories. We interviewed interior designers to get the inside scoop on how you can use their methods to style your home like a professional. Brace yourself as we reveal some secrets straight from the pros to help you with all your decorating needs!

If you’re not sure where to start and the world of wallpaper murals requires trudging foreign design territory, we’ve got all the best concrete mural advice to help you get going with this new faux finish formula.

Visual Benefits of a Concrete Wallpaper Mural

Grunge Painted Wall Mural Wallpaper M9610

Concrete wallpaper murals bring a new angle to interior styling ideas that are engaging and personal leaving everyone squealing in awe with the satisfying visual results. Faux concrete murals add a backdrop of unfinished edginess to modern designs that can unify an entire space. It’s all in the details and you’d be surprised how much a faux wall can look just like the real thing.

Grunge Painted Wall Mural can get you the aesthetic appeal of cast concrete walls and the best thing about it is it would transform any room in minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials, without any of the mixing, drying or heavy lifting. It not only brings beauty to your home, but also a very safe material with its water-resistant impact and Fire rating properties.

This industrial style digital mural features a weathered concrete wall that has been painted over with spray paint graffiti, perfect for bringing a cool, urban atmosphere into your space either for your home or business.


Tropical Concrete Mural Wallpaper M9602

Tropical Concrete Mural Wallpaper features an engraved illustration of tropical trees and plants overlaid on top of a concrete background. This faux digital print concrete wallpaper need not be limited to an accent wall. The finish can also be done in wet areas of the home, like bathroom walls or a kitchen backsplash or countertop. With faux bois being a recent hot trend in 2022 interiors, this wallpaper pattern is the perfect choice that would go along with your current furniture and interior style.

Customizable Quality of a Concrete Wallpaper Mural

                                     Weathered Floral on Concrete 2 Mural Wallpaper M9598   

There is so much room for creativity when designing a living room, kitchen, or any interior space with a concrete mural. You can customize your concrete texture base by colour, clarity, size, and even add playful graphics to your design with a product that is durable and long lasting. There are no boundaries to what you can achieve.


                Black & White Brick Heart Digital Wallpaper M9213

  • Choose to play with different hues, tints, shades, and graphic accents to create a finish that is truly personal and unique
  • Adjusting sharpness and clarity of image is important to consider when scaling an image
  • Scale an image to fit any given space to accommodate projects of all sizes and expand your horizons as a designer
  • You can add text or images onto a concrete background like graffiti or motivational quotes to really amplify the character of the space in a valuable way
  • Easily strip away your mural to change up your space for whenever new trends arise!

Digital Quality of a Customizable Concrete Wallpaper Mural

Black & White Dimensional Concrete Mural Wallpaper M9422

There is a lot of work that goes into image rendering and graphic design to make sure every inch of a designer’s flourishing vision comes to life. For a more authentic and natural finish, it is important to consider that a base will be stretched to fit larger projects as opposed to being tiled in order to span a wall. The difference in original image quality can make or break a design. Colour shifts from digital to print media can be frustrating if you do not have the right tools and knowledge. We are here to ensure that you are getting the best quality graphics for your concrete murals.

For an instance this geometric mural wallpaper features 3 dimensional cubes overlaid with a concrete and marble effect. One side of each cube features a black fill with an artistic gold detail running through it. As the shapes stack on top of each other, they form an illusory and contemporary design.

Faux wallpapering can be a tricky business. The idea of “faux” in front of anything means that it’s a fake, a copy, a tacky-ish version of the real thing. While it’s untrue that “faux” things are always inferior to the real deal, faux wallpaper can still create a beautiful finished product.


Neolith M8932

Customizable murals are completely different from picking a concrete base background from a general collection of online stock images. Being able to fully customize a concrete mural digitally allows a client to be completely involved in the entire process from start to finish by choosing the colours and qualities of a mural to their liking. This ensures that they are able to resonate fully with the finished product after being able to, essentially, create their own expressive product that they can’t help but love. Every detail and colour correction is made with precision and care to tailor to your desired design for something that really works and will be truly loved.

How easy is the process of creating your own concrete mural?

Getting your hands on a mural for your designs is rather simple. It all starts with an idea and a good quality image. This link would help you customize your own mural wallpaper design Creating a digital wallpaper mural using your own image is an excellent way to personalize your space. In a residential setting, using a high-resolution photograph that captured the perfect memory of your latest vacation is one way to create a strong emotional impact within your space. Just start with an inspiration. Amp up the flair. Then, send us the image and we will do the rest for you.

Coarse Concrete Faux Finish Mural Wallpaper M8991

What’s great about a wallpaper mural is that you can take your own images or you can source high-resolution images on places like shutter stock. Turn your favourite textures into a bull blown floor to ceiling wallpaper mural without compromising the finite details!

Once you have chosen the image, our designers will create a shop drawing for a taste of the overall design of the mural and make any adjustments to the design

Sample Shop Drawing

A strike off will allow you to see the whole composition and test out the colours in the space and to make and last minute adjustments before we roll out with the final production so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Types of Wallpaper Mural Material Substrates


Sample wallpaper above is a faux concrete wallpaper in moss and patches of grass peek through the cracks in a herringbone pattern that formed concrete masonry. A stunning wallpaper mural design that brings a delightfully refreshing interior vibes as it mixes urban elements with nature. This wallpaper pattern can be printed into different substrate depending on areas of installation.

As mentioned before, our vinyl mural wall coverings are also highly durable. Type II wall covering makes a concrete mural perfect for chic commercial application in high-traffic areas. They are also fire retardant contract wall coverings (ASTM-E84) available in different embossing, textures, and substrates depending on where you are locating your feature faux wall.

Whether it be warm, cool, weathered, or smooth, a concrete wallpaper mural is a revolutionary contemporary wall covering trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Incorporating a faux concrete wallpaper mural into your commercial or residential projects is an excellent way to connect with your clients and broaden your design outreach with brilliant concrete mural designs that are totally unique in texture and character

Until next time, happy wallpapering!


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