Create a Vacation Atmosphere at Home with Travel Inspired Wallpaper Murals

Looking to create a calm serene atmosphere right in your home? Travel inspired murals are a great way to achieve that ambiance and create beautiful views, especially in spaces where there are no windows or real scenic views.


Sunset Scenic Wall Mural M8427


Sunset provides the perfect calm vibe for a bedroom and creates a comforting place to resort to at the beginning and end of each day. Its warm hues will create a soothing atmosphere that you will constantly want to spend time in.


Mountain High Wall Mural M8419   


Mountain High brings a sense of adventure to your interiors and a high adrenaline vibe in a simple black and white scheme. It will add a thrilling energy to any space and can be paired perfectly with other colours, shades, textures, and materials for a sophisticated or casual appearance.


Beach Relaxing Wall Mural M8428


Beach allows you to create a country cottage vibe in your home and a casual beach ambiance. It is a great playful option for children or a calming mural in a living room.


Mi Calle Wall Mural M8435


Mi Calle brings a European vibrancy to your home and is a great splash of colour for your interiors. It brings a sense of energy and excitement to your neutral spaces.


Paris Black and White Wall Mural M8578


Paris brings an art inspired look to your space with its sketched black and white quality. It is a great alternative to a traditional wall hanging bringing a bolder art gallery expression.


Chicago Sun Times City Wall Mural M8415


If you love a city view, Chicago Sun Times transports you right into the cityscape amongst all of the high-rise architecture. It will certainly bring a modern urban rhythm to your home.


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